Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: The Lizzies

Added January 18, 1998

I received the following information from Toriphile Benjamin Mobley. Ben found references to Lizzies in some writings by John Winston, who apparently posts lots of stuff on the net about UFOs, aliens, angels, fringe science and alternative medicine. He has talked about some beings known as the Lizzies. The information he uses comes from a book called Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins: ET Influence on Humankind's Biological and Cultural Evolution by Arthur Horn. This book says that our ancestral history consists of long periods of slow development punctuated by interventions by advanced geneticists from other star systems. Horn tries to show how this theory better explains the origin of species than the neo-Darwin theory of mutations filtered by natural selection. The theory is quote bizzarre, but makes for interesting reading. I have no idea if Tori is actually aware of this definition of Lizzies, or if she finds any merit in this bizarre information. Here is what John Winston has to say about Lizzies (I don't know if these are his words or if they are direct quotes from the "Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins")

Here is some information about the Reptoids that are sometimes seen in our skies. I want to give these people all the respect that they deserve because I don't want to be flamed by them.


We have revieved much about the lizzies, the Anunnaki of the ancient Summerians, but let us now take a close look at the nature of our creator gods. The Pleiadian Plus group, as we have seen, refers to our "creator gods" and founders of the ancient Sumerian civilization, as the "lizzies" in order to inject some humor into a situation that might be ocnsidered terrifying to humans whose consciousness are encountering them for the first time. These creatures are said to be part human and part reptile. They are said not to exist in time as we know it, and exist mostly in other dimensions where they are said to live for thousands of years. There are said to be benevolent beings amongst the lizzie population, but a vast majority of our creator gods were tyrannical and did not honor life or understand their connection to life, even that of their own creations. Furthermore, and most importantly, we should know something about the lizzies because they are reportedly soon going to re-enter our dimension in order to try to continue to control us.

Let me remind the readers that, while the lizzies did participate in at least one of the genetic manipulations that created we modern humans, and, therefore are properly called our "creator gods", our creation is much more complicated. The ultimate human creation stems from the Prime Creator of this universe. Futhermore, most of the entities between humans and the Prime Creator involved in our creation were positive entities who had the highest intentions of love and light in our creation. Despite the endeavors of the lizzies and other regressive ETs to control us, all humans, by accepting our own dark sides and those of others, can turn toward love and light and escape the negativity of the lizzies and others. Part of the procedure of spiritually evolving beyond the lizzies and other regressive ETs is to understand their natures and motivations.

The descriptiosn of the lizzies by the Pleiadian Plus group depict them as amazing creatures. But Pleiadian Plus is a very esoteric group by earth standards; so what "earthly evidence" for the existence of the lizzies do we have?

I studied all of the cylinder seal illustrations of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization I have around my study, to see if anything like a lizzie is depicted. Most of the "gods" of the Sumerians and later Mesopotamians, when depicted, look very human, some of them look bird-like, but I found none that looked like it may have been a lizzie. Sitchin states and implies that the Mesopotamina "gods" were a lot like we human primates in his books that cover Mesopotamian history. In all of Sitchin's excellent books that cover Mesopotamian history, there is not one reference to anything like a lizzie.

The reader will recall that most of the Sumerian accounts of history were written on clay tablets at around 2,500 B.C. Many of the history stories, usually written in what we would call mythic form, are about events that took place prior to the flood. This includes the Adam and Eve story, the references to the descendants of Adam and Eve, and the story of Noah and the Ark. The reader will recall that the evidence is the that these portions of the Bible, written around 1,000 BC., were borrowed and edited selectively from existing accounts of history, mostly from the tests of Sumer and later Mesopotamian civilizations.

As we've seen there is a large body of religious literature not in the Bible that also deals with the period before the great flood. Most of these works have been hidden and/or an attempt was made to destroy them, or they have been selectively excluded fromt he Bible or otherwise suppressed. This is part of the giant cover-up, part of the duping of humankind. Certainly the ETs who have endeavored to enslave and control humankind do not want humakind to know of their ancient, pre-deluge past. These creator gods certainly did not want humankind to know of the true story of human "creation" (that we were created to be slaves and dupes) and the true nature of our creator gods, the lizzies.

We have already reviewed some of the work of R. A. Boulay and his book, Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past, in chapter 5. We saw that Boulay lists several historical sources of infomration about the lizzies which were excluded from the Bible. We recall that Boulay uses such works as the Book of Jubilees, three books of Enoch, the Haggadah, or the oral traditon of the Jews, the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls, and other works to document the existence of the lizzies and their behavior toward humans.

Now we take you into the wonderful world of the Lizzies for the second time. Please hold one another's hands and try not to get lost..........

The primary "earth data" we have to verify the existence of the Lizzies is that they have been seen several times, usually by modern-day abductees. In a majority of abductee cases they are not seen at all, but they are sometimes observed standing aside and simply observing what is happening. The relationship between the reptilians and the grey species is usually not known to the abductees. Information that Valerian has gathered makes it clear that most of the greys "work" for the lizzies, or are themsleves slaves of the lizzies. The lizzies apparently left the grey species or specie in in charge of the Earth when most of them left the earth several thousand years ago.

Sometimes it is not always abductees who observe the lizzies. Linda Howe tells of a "cow abduction" case in Missouri where a lizzie was sighted. A married couple watched the apparent cow abduction from the porch of their farm through binoculars. While two, small, white-skinned, large-headed beings worked with the cow, a few feet away a "lizard-guy" watched the proceedings. The human couple described the "lizard-guy" as a humanoid creature that stood about six feet tall, had greenish, scaly skin like a reptile, and had large pale green eyes with vetically slit pupils.

Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach report two apparent abductions of humans by reptilian beings in their book Healing Shattered Reality: Understand Contactee Trauma. Two men who were not acquainted at the time were abducted and given rough physical examinations on board a craft by seven foot tall lizard-like beings. Both men are reported to have lived lives of terror and secret shame following the abduction.

In another case, a rancher was working with his cattle on his ranch in New Mexico, when suddenly his herd spooked and scattered. He looked up an saw the reason his cows had become frightened - a UFO craft was hovering over him. His first reaction was one of anger at this craft for having scattered his cattle, and he fired two shots with a thirty-thirty rifle he carried. His horse then threw him and he was dazed. The next thing this rancher knew he was taken into the craft, pushed onto an examining table and undressed. He was given a very rough examination by five reptilian-like beings, three males and two females. He described these creature as having"...humanoid bodies with the exception of scaly fish features and tails like reptiles. They wore few clothes. The female sexual parts were similar to Homo sapiens. Their legs and arms were somewhat lizard-like. Their features resembled frogs, yet human like at the same time. The eyes were large, protuberant. They had three fingers and three toes.." (JW In this book by Mr. Horn, Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins, there is picture of a "lizzie, or reptoid species drawn from abductee eyewitness accounts. From Revelations of Awareness, issue 92-4, Cosmic Awareness Communications, P.O. Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507. With Permission. Maybe someone can make a Gif of this picture and put it on the Net. The lizzie looks a lot like the alien creature that was in the movie called Alien Mine or Enemy Mine.)

Sometimes human encounters with a lizzie have been more pleasant. Denise and Bert Twigs, in their book Secret Vows, claim to have an ongoing relationship with a couple that claims to be from the Andromeda constellation. Both claim to have conceived several half-alien, half human children, both in their home in Oregon and on the space craft on which the Andrameda couple are not residing. On one of their extended visits to the "mother ship" of the alleged Andromes, they met the security man"

    The top security man for the Andromes was not an Androme. He looked like a reptile, like an upright alligator, although I don't believe his mouth was as long as an alligator's, and he did speak our language. His smile lit up his whole face... Bert and I both remembered this on the same night, and since then we have fondly referred to our new acquaintance as "the alligator man." (JW I will now skip a few gory detaials.)

The amount of care a mammalian mother gives her young can find no parallel among the earth reptiles. Many reptile parent-offsprings relationship follow the path of the huge Komodo Dragon that today lives upon only remote islands of Indonesia, the island country in southeast Asia. This giant ten-foot lizard has programmed in their genes a unique behavior patten that allows its young to survive. As soon as eggs hatch the young lizard are genetically programmed to climb up the nearest tree as fast as they can, where they will remain for a period of several months. The reason these infant lizards are programmed to rapidly climb trees and remain there during their early development is to avoid being eaten on the ground by predators, especially their own mother. Apparently, the mother Komodo Dragon has no meanss of distinguishing her own progeny from all of the small animals normally constituting her prey.

JW Lest I give all of you even more nightmares that you already have, I had better not cover any more of this information about the good ole lizzies.

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