European Plugged '98 Tour
Torhout/Werchter Festival, Belgium
July 4, 1998

Updated July 6, 1998

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Tori performed the Torhout/Werchter Festival in Torhout, Belgium on July 4, 1998 during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Many thanks to Bastiaan for sending me this set list first, and to Nele Gielen for clarifying the song order.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl
Space Dog
She's Your Cocaine
The Waitress

No Encores


From Nele Gielen

July 6, 1998 - Before Tori's show, I saw Matt Chamberlain and John Evans standing on the side of the stage watching Ben Harper. John was smiling a lot and moving his head to the quite impressive bass-player that accompanied Harper.

At about 14.30 the band came on and already started playing Precious Things. Tori followed a few seconds later, wearing all beautiful. PT was really energetic and a good song to start the festival-performance with. The girrrrrl growl seems to get shorter though. She started a fun Cornflake Girl with a small piano intro (something with 'you bet your life it is ...'). The band seemed to be enjoying themselves cause they were smiling at each other a lot. They sounded full of energy, just amazing. Since this concert lasted only about an hour, I didn't miss the more quiet songs as much. It was more like this one big adrenaline rush!

Before Raspberry Swirl Tori introduced her band, which was the only time she spoke. One of my favorites was Iieee, with the background iieee's pre-recorded. Somewhere towards the end she included a more piano based part, repeating the lines 'I know you understand. Understand. What I feel. What I feel (or maybe 'how I feel') (......)'. Crucify worked nice with the band. Cruel live is always a highlight for me. It's just got everything, tori's cool 'dancing', which btw she did many times, the amazing bass-line, the rhythm, ... Space Dog simply asked for a band, great fun. On FtCGH, She's Your Cocaine is my least favorite song, but it 'rocks' live. They ended with a wonderful version of The Waitress, including the lines 'Hangtime hangteenee (? something that vaguely sounds like that) honey. I'm gonna go where she goes. Hangtime hangteenee (?) honey. I'm gonna get me one'. Tori's heavy breathing ending The Waitress kinda summed up this show, one full of excitement and energy.

From Bastiaan

July 6, 1998 - the show was fine, but I still don't understand why tori doesn't play any "ballads" on festivals like this. Nick Cave and Bjork did play many of 'em later that day, so I don't see why Tori chooses the kinda "rock-festival-aproach".

From Eric (with a 'c')

July 6, 1998 - Torhout, July 4th, 1998 (approx. 14:35-15:30)

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl (& Piano Intro)
Raspberry Swirl
Space Dog
She's your cocaine
The Waitress

- no encores -

Tori was the only artist that changed the setlist that much between both shows - but who would expect something else...

From nes

July 6, 1998 - nes wrote an essay on his web page about the differences between the show he saw at Den Haag, The Netherlands and the festival shows Pink Pop and Torhout. You can read it on his web page.

Also read the reviews for the festival on July 5th, which contains some interesting comments about the festival in general.

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