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Charms from the Limited Edition Scarlet's Walk

Updated October 25, 2004

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Below you can see scans of many of the charms that are appearing the Limited Edition version of Scarlet's Walk. I don't think anyone knows how many different kinds of charms there are, but it must be a large number! Many are silver metalic charms, but there are others that are plastic or rubber and more like small toys than charms.

An article in the October 23, 2002 edition of the Green Bay Press-Gazette tells about a woman named Debbie Ellison, who gathered the charms for the Limited Edition. Click to read this article. Debbie also has a web site where it is reported you can see these charms and many more.

People are speculating that the plastic or rubber charms may not have been created by Debbie (since they are not pewter or metallic) but were added later because they needed more.

Starfish (Thanks Andre Julliay.)

Angel (Thanks Lou.)

Sun/Moon (Thanks Gabriela Kulka.)

Kokopelli (Thanks S. Södermann.)

Blue Lizard (Thanks Foo.)

Cowboy Pants (Thanks Lisa B.)

Purse (Thanks Kim/Violet Night.)

Pink Lizard (Thanks Bree.)

Shoe (Thanks Astred and Jodie.)

Feather (Thanks NeilQuinn.)

Seal (Thanks Karolyn.)

Iris (Thanks Adam.)

Green Snake (Thanks Candace, Mikee, Renae, Pate B.)

Red Snake (Thanks Jennette, Ursula, Josh.)

Bus (Thanks Beth Winegarner, Jody, Stephen, Sadie,R.)

Camera (Thanks Melissa.)

Cat (Thanks Melissa McDaniel.)

Green Frog (Thanks Alicia, Sandy Kukowski.)

Red Frog (Thanks Denise Nazzal, Rose, Anthony.)

Metallic Frog (Thanks Nina, Nikolas, Ralf.)

Other Frog (Thanks Alex J..)

Another Frog (Thanks Soulwings658.)

Butterfly (Thanks Erin.)

Penguin (Thanks Keith, Jason Cottrell.)

Sunglasses (Thanks Sophie LeMay, Davyd.)

Umbrella (Thanks Ray.)

Pig/Sow (Thanks Monique, Ben.)

Moon (Thanks Suzanne.)

Bike (Thanks Sherwin Junio.)

Teepee (Thanks Jenny, Nina, Nikolas, Fleur.)

Bird House (Thanks Doc, Nina.)

Turtle (Thanks Mara, April.)

Flower (Thanks Harald.)

Wolf (Thanks Teri.)

Die (Thanks Chopper.)

Star (Thanks Lauren, Rob.)

Tiger (Thanks Rick Mckenna.)

Star (Thanks Bill Cason.)

Lizard (Thanks Casey Battelle, Jayme.)

Fruit Basket (Thanks Sizemore.)

Arrowhead (Thanks Trent, Jeremy.)

Open Book (Thanks Florence.)

Dove (Thanks Dave Kinnetz.)

Candy (Thanks Chantal, Sue.)

Red Lizard (Thanks Chris.)

Ladybug (Thanks Anne.)

Dolphins (Thanks Lisa & Jim.)

Seahorse (Thanks Wayne, Angela.)

Angel (Thanks Jen, BlueMoonSiren.)

Slightly different Angel (Thanks Jen.)

Sun Flower (Thanks William.)

Green Lizard (Thanks Dinara, Lisa.)

Pencil (Thanks Simon Metcalf.)

Green Snake (Thanks Alison.)

Coffee Cup (Thanks Shadwell.)

Heart (Thanks William.)

Bird (Thanks Brad, Lily.)

Cards (Thanks skeeter973.)

Airplane (Thanks Amy.)

Snowflake (Thanks Bobby.)

Another Turtle (Thanks Valentina Giampieri, Mara.)

Star with bead in moon (Thanks Andre'.)

Orange/Black Frog (Thanks Megan.)

Brown Snake (Thanks Joseph.)

Another Flower (Thanks Inger.)

Nail Polish (Thanks Michael Eugene Adams.)

Truck (Thanks Daniel.)

Carousel Horse (Thanks Joseph.)

Cow (Thanks Chen.)

Skis (Thanks Kyra.)

Native American Chief (Thanks Kestrel.)

Carrot (Thanks Avani.)

Bear (Thanks Chant.)

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