1998 Tori Calendar

Updated December 7, 1997

There is a rather nice 1998 Tori calendar available for sale. Toriphile Danica was kind enough to send to me a scan of the cover and three photos from inside. Click on any of the images below to see them larger.

The calendar is a British import. Here's the information printed on it acording to Dave Woodson:

    Oliver Books Unit 16-18 Wimbleton Stadium Business Center Riverside Road
    Londson SW17 OBA UK
    Tel: 0181 879 3949
    Fax: 0181 879 0792

    I cannot see any number clearly marked as the ISBN, but the numbers on the UPC symbol are: 5 032160 020036

    Their catalog number for the Tori calendar on the enclosed order form is TORI98

To purchase this calendar, try any place that normally sells Tori import merchandise. You can find in my Tori Links section links to places that tell you where you can buy Tori stuff. I have also heard that EQS is a good place to get this calendar. It has proven to be almost impossible to find this item in any retail stores or bookstores.

I have received various reports that there has been ads appearing in Entertainment Weekly and US magazines in the U.S. that advertise this calendar as well as others!

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