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Updated July 23, 2001

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My Strange Little Girls Page has all the latest news about Tori's 2001 album of covers. On this page below, you can find commentary and some news on the song "'97 Bonnie & Clyde", which is from that album. This song is NOT the first single from Tori's new album. (The first single is "Strange Little Girl".) But this song has received a lot of attention and some radio stations are playing it.

'97 Bonnie & Clyde heard on some radio stations

Go to my Strange Little Girls Airplay Page to see of the stations that might be playing " '97 Bonnie & Clyde".

Other comments from people who have heard '97 Bonnie & Clyde

Be sure to check out the Main Tori Forum to see many additional comments about this song. I plan to include only a small sample of comments below. I may or may not agree with all the comments below, but I wanted to share some of the comments I have been seeing...

From Keith (from email on 7/23/2001)

    I've heard the new Tori song "97 Bonnie and Clyde" and I'm blown away by how amazing it is. Tori manages to convey with her voice something that goes beyond sadness in this cover. These sudden floods of emotion come in almost waves through out the song. I felt at times during the song that she is consoling her daughter and trying to make her understand what is happening, lessening the severity of what is happening (I say this because I realize she is "role-playing") and at other times I felt like the emotions of all three people ran together. The thing I'm trying to say is Tori manages to put real emotions into what was originally a cold and angry song. I'm reminded, and I know it sounds really cheesy, of the saying "Its a thin line between love and hate" when I hear this cover as well. i could go on and on about how this made me feel and my interpretation, but I think like all Tori songs it will be different for everyone.

    I think this is an education that she is attempting to give not only her fans, but a much larger (in many ways) audience. I just hope people, especially us EWF have the patience to hear it...

From gossamer (from the Dent's Main Tori forum)

    i was fortunate enough to hear tori's version played on 89x the other night and felt i should post my thoughts.

    i was surprised. i absolutely adored it.

    i must admit though, i really hate the concept of this new album. i really hate the fact that she chose to cover eminem and therefore draw more attention to him (i was always the sort to just *ignore* the class bully, whereas tori, i assume, was the sort to get the bully at his/her own game)

    however, with that said, it surprised me how much i actually enjoyed the cover. some people prefer their music to be sort of passive and easy, but tori's all about provocation and emotion. it sort of reminded me of pj harvey's "the wind" to tell you the truth

    i've realized that although tori will explore different things in her music, there's something very pure and passionate at the core of all her work that is threaded in everything that she does. this remains true in the controversial eminem cover; it's tori amos making great music while not repeating herself.

    she's an amazing artist and i'll always be interested in what she creates.

Be sure to read the report from Kevin Litner below about the song as well.

Detroit radio station 89X first to play "'97 Bonnie & Clyde"

Toriphiles Natalie Lockwood, Miriam Garcellano, and Sam Oberry inform me that a local Windsor/Detroit, MI rock station (89X, "The New Rock Alternative", 88.7 FM) played Tori's version of "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" on Thursday night, July 12, 2001. The reports so far say that the song is somewhat slow and Tori mostly talks in rhythm and sings a little bit. (She does not really rap, it is more like spoken word.)

I am QUITE surprised the station had the song this early. Nothing from the new album was supposed to ship to radio until August 2001, so this is most surprising! Some people are wondering why this song was played when the single is supposed to be "Strange Little Girl". I don't think "'97 Bonnie & Clyde" will be a single. But because of all the attention the song is getting in the press, some stations may play it anyway. If anyone else can report on how the song sounded, please email me.

Kevin Litner emailed me with more information about what happened when this Detroit radio station played the song, and I found his comments about the song very interesting. Here is his report:

    Yes, 89X (http://www.89xradio.com/) DID play the new song on thrusday. It was the challenger on "Peoples choice" where they pit two songs against each other, with the winner going on to the next night. I believe it was up against "system of a down - chop suey", but I may be wrong . When they first played it, the majority of the people who called in were dead set against tori, but b4 the half hour was up, us loyal ears had come back, and she ended up losing by only 3 votes. critisism was definitly harsh, as its one of those songs that people will either hate, or love.

    My views on the song. Its probably one of the most ambitious things ive ever heard her do. Its strikingly errie, wierd, and disconcering. It pretty much is a spoken word song, with a small melodic interlude for the chorus. The song has a definite ethereal feel to it. I told a friend of mine that I didn't know weather or not I liked it. On some aspects its like a car accident, terrible to see, but unable to turn away. But on other aspects it has the draw of a well designed horror story. One that draws you in with a false sense of security (it is a Tori song, and that is her voice) and then when your comfortable, you realize how much its messed with your brain (the lyrics)

    I also find it amazing that they were able to get a copy of the song so early. Hearing it was a treat that I couldn't have expected so early. Just that one listen to the song has reinforced my decision. I will be buying this album. After hearing how she turned a hate filled rap song into an errie, thought invoking ethereal chant, it will be interesting to hear how she handles Slayer or the Beatles. While its not the B-sides project that I was hoping for, I am not complaining. I do know not to expect this song to get much air-play. Although, has any of her songs ever been huge radio hits. It matters not.

Reaction to Tori covering Eminem at MTV.com and Eminem fans

Added July 10, 2001 - Ever since the news broke that Tori was going to cover Eminem's song '97 Bonnie & Clyde on "Strange Little Girls", it has caused quote a stir! If you visit any of Eminem's web sites, you are bound to see strong reaction to the announcement. Chad D. found some reaction to the news at MTV.com in the You Tell Us section. Click here to read it.

There is also a long thread in the Main Tori forum discussing the reaction of Eminem fans to Tori's cover.

Interviews where Tori talks about '97 Bonnie & Clyde

L.A. Times article - July 1, 2001

Altantic Press Release for SLG - July 2, 2001

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