Articles - June 1996

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Dallas Observer
June 12, 1996

Billboard Magazine
June 29, 1996

    There is a cover story on Tori's new record label in the June 29, 1996 issue of Billboard magazine. The article is entitled, Tori Amos' Igloo Houses a Pet by Paul Verna. It details Tori's label and that label's first signing, a band named Pet with a female lead singer.

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Dallas Morning News
June 14, 1996

    There was an article in the Dallas Morning News On June 14, 1996 called Tori Amos tires of her unconventional stance. This is a really interesting article where Tori talks about how she has backed away from an obviously sexual show into something more healthy and whole. This is vital reading for any Tori fan!

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The Shepherd Express
June 6, 1996

    I have received from Toriphile Ian an article from the June 6, 1996 issue of a small Milwaukee newspaper called The Shepherd Express. The article is called TORI AMOS - THE UNCIRCUMCISED GODDESS.

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Everybody's News
May 31 - June 6 1996

    The picture here is from the cover of Everybody's News, a weekly Cincinnati magazine. There is a great article in here that I waited too long to post, and now someone else beat me to it! Karen, Goddess of the Groove posted the article to the newsgroup. You can also read it right here!

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