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October 2001

Updated Sept 27, 2001

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There is a Tori article in the October 2001 issue of Allure magazine in the U.S. Thanks to katydid, Christie and Jen Moore for first telling me about it. Toriphile Loretta sent me a scan of the article and the text, which you can read below.

Thanks to Loretta for the scan. Click to see larger.

Strange Little Girls

"Words are very unnecessary, they only do harm," sings the prolific singer/songwriter Tori Amos, on her new CD, "Strange Little Girls." I couldn't agree more as I try to describe her provocative choice to cover songs written only by men. With her versions of songs such as "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" by Eminem, and "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" by the Beatles, Tori dissects, reinterprets, and ultimately exposes the irony, humor, and in Eminem's case, the madness within. For the shoot, Tori wanted to create physical manifestations of each song in the form of real women and one real man. Fourteen characters, two days, and one nervous breakdown later, and here we go....

The captions under the characters are:

"Rattlesnakes"- Bleached eyebrows and a touch of rose cream blush on cheeks and lips

"Strange Little Girl"- Randomly sploched mascara around eyes with soft sheer beige lips

"Happiness Is a Warm Gun"- Major lashes mixed with golden brows and pink pearlized lips

"Raining Blood"- Black liquid eyeliner pulls Tori's eyes upward, allowing Bordeaux lips to take center stage.

"Heart of Gold" (the dark haired girl)- Healthy skin+ hot pink cheeks+ flip hair = '70's update

"Enjoy the Silence"- Brown-glazed base, tomato red glossy lips, and a 1920's Kabuki headdress that I found antiquing

(And there's a picture in the center of Tori as herself)- Tori au naturel

You can also see a full scan of the article at the little pink pele hotel web site! (Thanks Danielle!)

Here is a report on it from Christie:

    There's a one-page feature on Tori's characters in SLG in the current issue of Allure magazine. It's a "notebook" by Kevyn Aucoin, and he describes the make-up he used for 7 of the characters. He also mentions that he found the headdress for the "Enjoy the Silence" character (a "1920s Kabuki headdress") when he was antiquing. I was hoping Allure would do a feature on the characters, and I thought they might since Kevyn Aucoin was involved :)

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