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Unreleased songs that could be on a future Tori album

Updated July 26, 2002

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From various interviews and sources, we are aware of the titles of some songs that Tori has written or recorded that could possibly show up on any future album that she releases. While it is by no means definite that one or more of these songs will appear on a future album, it is possible. They could also be used for a movie project as well. At the same time, the longer Tori goes without releasing a song she has written, the less likely it is that it will see the light of day. (Tori may prefer to look forward rather than backward with her material.) So it is possible some of the songs below will never be officially released. This is not an exhaustive list of all the songs we know about with Tori that have never been released, but it includes songs that she has mentioned as perhaps appearing in the future and songs that have for the most part have never been heard live or on any bootleg. I do not include songs like "Abbey Road" and "Om La Boomleigh" (These were performed by Tori live on a radio show called The Acoustic Cafe in 1996) because Tori has played them publicly without mentioning that they would appear on a future album.

Fresh Mown Grass

Tori mentioned that she was writing a song with this title in the November 2001 issue of British Airways High Life magazine:

    "And sometimes when I'm with my husband or when I'm with myself, I feel the greatest passion is feeling myself, feeling that I can open up, like the earth would open up. It's a kind of birthing with myself It's tapping into that vortex and you don't need another person for that. I've been writing a song about that called Fresh Mown Grass about how women are really able to access that through kundalini and have a complete orgasm, just because we're women and can align ourselves."

Zero Point

If you look at the CD booklet of "to venus and back", there is one place where Tori writes, "Zero Point - your time is coming." This is refering to a song that Tori originally planned to place on Venus, but did not make it. Tori admitted this at a meet and greet in Seattle, Washington on October 7, 1999 to Toriphile Matthew. She told him that Zero Point was over 9 minutes long and lost out to Datura on "to venus and back". (There would have been time for another 9 minute song on Venus, but my feeling is it would have taken too long to lay down the tracks for the song, and Tori was in a time crunch to finish Venus by a certain time.) This song is also referenced by Tori in an interview she did for the November 1999 issue of Pulse Magazine. Here is the part of the interview where she mentions this song:

    "There has to be a balance. I don't see dark as evil and light as good. I see it as the unconscious, things hidden that you have to see. The reason I say the Christian church has to claim its dark side is because so many civilizations have been destroyed in the name of Christ. I don't believe for one minute that his teachings were about destruction at all. People harnessed Christ's teachings. The Protestants have so much guilt to come to terms with. The feminine, the female, the essence of woman, the sensuality of it, is sacred. Those in the patriarchy making these decisions have been really terrified of holding the spiritual side and the physical side of themselves. There is a line in 'Zero Point,' where I sing, 'Take off, lift off, creaming Jesus still.' To me, if you are really in the balanced state, you are creaming the divine."

Snow Cherries From France

This is another song that Tori has mentioned that we know could appear on a future album. Tori originally wrote "Snow Cherries From France" for "from the choirgirl hotel" but the song did not make that album or "to venus and back". This song was first mentioned publicly by Tori in an online Yahoo chat she did on August 5, 1998. (Read the full transcript here.) Here is the part where she mentions this song:

    Question: Do you ever write songs that "don't fit in" with the rest of an album? What do you do with them?

    Tori: There is a song for choirgirl that didn't come out and I didn't record it. It's one of my favorites, calld snow cherries from france. And I haven't recorded it yet, and I wrote it for this record. So we'll see.

Neil Gaiman, in a posting to his online journal in late May 2002, mentioned the fact that Tori sang this song to him during a friendly visit. The song at this point has not even been recorded and will definitely not be included in Tori's 2002 album for Epic Records.

Just Another Dead Fag

Tori mentioned this song in the Summer 1999 issue of the Atlantic Group's gay and lesbian newsletter called "Stero Type". You can read the entire interview in the Dent's Articles Archive. (Thanks to Lori for reminding me about this song.) Here is the part about this song:

    Question: Stero Type: We've been told that you are writing a song called "Just Another Dead Fag"

    Tori Amos: Yes, it refers to another bright light that has left us. The British call cigarettes fags, and I like the meaning of that-the fire and the brightness that shines in a person. Its been tricky to write because sometimes I feel there's a sacred ground that I shouldn't intrude upon. This song, in particular makes me feel a sense of toil and trouble.

It appears that this song, or a song based on it, was eventually released on Tori's 2002 album Scarlet's Walk. The song taxi ride appears to be the song Just Another Dead Fag. While this is not 100% confirmed, those words are prevalent in the song taxi ride. Perhaps she changed the title?

To the Fair Motor Maids of Japan

This song was originally written for "Boys For Pele" in 1996. In fact, Tori reportedly recorded around 35 songs for Pele, and so many of them did not make that album. (I don't think anyone knows if any of those tracks appeared on future albums or what they are.) This song was first mention in the Upside Down Newsletter #7 in early 1996. Tori said:

    There's another A-side called, To the Fair Motor Maids of Japan. That one I scratched until I'm ready to release it, but it was to be on the album.

It Might Hurt A Bit

Tori recorded a duet with Michael Stipe of R.E.M. called "It Might Hurt A Bit". It was recorded initially in 1994 for the Don Juan de Marco soundtrack, but never made it on that disc. It was later slated to appear on the Empire Records soundtrack, but that fell through as well. Go to my It Might Hurt A But page for full details about this unreleased song.

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