TV & Radio Appearances - May 1997

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VH-1 Women First
May 26, 1997

    Tori was on a show called Women First on VH-1 in the U.S. on Monday, May 26. Artist Jewel was the host. They showed a snippet of her [Tori] talking about how we should look at individuals in the music business, not group people by race or gender. This was a repeat airing. It was initially shown sometime in 1996. It was also repeated later in 1997 on October 18, 1997.

KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show
May 16, 1997

    On Friday morning, May 16, 1997 (which was RAINN Day), Tori was interviewed by phone from England on the Kevin & Bean morning show on radio station KROQ in Los Angeles around 8:00AM. They talked about RAINN, Silent All These Years, and the fact that Tori is in England working on a soundtrack for the film Great Expectations. I have a transcript of part of this short interview from the wonderful Erica Albinger (though not the part where Tori talks about the soundtrack.) I hope to make the rest of it available later.

    Read the partial transcript.

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