Tori Interview On Kevin & Bean
May 16, 1997

This partial transcript of Tori's interview with Kevin & Bean on radio station KROQ in Los Angeles was sent to me by Erica Albinger.

Tori (when asked if SATY was a personal account): ...I'm these extreme people and when it would come to my personal life, I would not acknowledge anything, absolutely nothing in my life (laughing) and so people that knew me would see me become like this warrior or crawl up in a little corner and not be able to even make a peep. So Silent All These Years really became sort of a mantra for me to learn how to speak up.

Kevin and Bean: Who, uh, how's this line getting paid for? Where's the money come from?

Tori: Um, originally, it was a grant that was made by Warner Brothers that got us started. Um, I did a concert, a RAINN benefit, in January which really helped the hotline.

K and B: This is the one that was on A&E if I remember?

Tori: Yay, we really had a wonderful turnout for that and then Kalvin Klein, ahhh, he has a different item that goes to RAINN every month, part of the funds. And if you buy the t-shirt, that's a RAINN t-shirt, a Kalvin t-shirt, all the funds from that, all the profits from that go to RAINN.

K and B: Tori, you have done so much to raise awareness on these topics, rape and incest and other sexual abuse, I'm just like the average schmo who kinda knew it was out there but it was always somebody else's problem but the more statistics I see the more I realize that it's likely that every one of us knows somebody who's been affected somehow by this.

Tori: Absolutely, you do.

K and B: It's so much huger then I imaginged it was until people like you started bringing the issue up and I guess you're right, that's why this is so important really... the first step is to say it's o.k. to talk about it and it's not uncommon and there are people who can help you. That's why what's happening today at noon is gonna be very special I think.

Tori: It really is and it is a tribal issue. I think the thing is it does get passed down from generation to generation and until a generation rises up and says "hang on a minute, before I pass this on to my kid in whatever form, you know, I don't have victim consciousness now, it's like, I can transmute, I can change the way that I see myself" and I think what happens is you have such low self esteem and you don't think you have any rights and I think really the concept of healing, whether you've gone through it yourself or you know somebody, let's not be shameful about this. You know, there are a lot of abuser out there that were abused. It doesn't justify what they're doing, but, you know, they have to turn around and go "hang on a minute, it's not o.k. to do this to somebody else so where do I need to kinda turn this around in my own self?"

K and B: Tori, you know what fans Kevin and I are of your work and we're telling you, anything you need us to do to help promote this cause just call, O.K?

Tori: Well, thanks for everything, guys. I do appriciate it.

K and B: Great to talk to you. Have a great time in England, too.

Tori: O.K. guys, bye-bye.

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