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BBC2 TV Broadcast Of The Glastonbury Festival
June 27, 1998
    Tori played the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. on June 27, 1998. The U.K. media coverage for this festival largely ignored Tori's contribution. Tori was shown by BBC2 TV on the late-night Glastonbury broadcast Saturday. They showed her playing Precious Things and Crucify.

Dutch TV Channel TMF
June 26, 1998
    A Tori Special aired on the program 'Alter 8' on Dutch TV music channel TMF on June 26, 1998. Denniz81 reported on the program, and from the description it appears that they aired the "from the choirgirl hotel" promotional video that Atlantic Records created and which can still be seen in RealVideo on the Official Tori site at Read Dennis' description below:

    The special on TMF (Dutch music TV channel) about Tori was fantastic! Apparently, they interviewed tori in Cornwall, UK while she was still working on her album, back in January. Anyway, she spoke about her newest album, about working with a band, the usual stuff. She briefly discussed a few songs on the album. She said Iieee was about death and that Northern Lad was the ultimate love song. She played a delightful piano-only version of Playboy Mommy for the TV crew (even without a microphone, just tori + piano) but we only got to see tiny bits of it. It sounds 10 times better than the album version though, so I sure hope she'll release that version as a B-side on the single!! Besides the interview, which was taped inside her studio, they showed the videos for Cornflake Girl, Professional Widow and Spark. Last remark: Tori looked extremely beautiful.

CNN WorldBeat
June 20, 1998 (and other dates)

MTV Europe Interview Clips
June 1998

    Short Tori interview clips aired on MTV Europe during June 1998. On June 16, 1998 for instance, Tori talked about Spark and her miscarriage:

    "When I miscarried, I really, um, I was very connected to the baby, the spirit of the baby. And so, that loss was very, it hit very, very deeply. "Spark" has a thread of that story. And yet, I didn't want to give you a play-by-play of my life, cause the song is more than that, it isn't just about my experience. But it is about a woman who's had to pull on this inner strength, not knowing how she's gonna get out of this situation. And she doesen't know in the end if she's gonna get out"

    On June 17, 1998, they aired another clip where Tori told about her "universe". It consists of rythms and sounds and not only words, or something like that! Tori talked about where she finds her inspiration for her music. She says she doesn't listen to the music many people thinks she listens to. Instead she goes for 'tribal drumming'. The spot is shot on a green field or maybe some kind of stadium. Thanks to Margreet and Lisa for telling me about these interviews. If anyone has more detailed information about the second clip, or any others not mentioned here, please email me.

Music Choice on D.S.S. (Direct Satellite Service)
June 1998

    Tori has been featured on Music Choice (channel 530) on the D.S.S. (Direct Satellite Service). They have been running a thirty minute block of Tori songs called the "Tori Amos Special Vol 1." (and a Vol.2 as well I think.) We are not talking about videos here, it's just her music played over a black screen and an alternating blue caption with the following info:

    Title: Tori Amos Special Vol. 1 (or 2)
    CD: From the Choirgirl Hotel

    One volume of the special reportedly aired She's Your Cocaine, Cornflake Girl, iieee, Down by the Seaside, Playboy Mommy, and some short quotes from Tori. The other volume played Spark, Winter, Raspberry Swirl, her duet of Down By The Seaside with Robert Plant, and Jackie's Strength, plus two small interview clips. Special thanks to Irin Carmon, Kristin and LeeSah for being the first to tell me. I am not sure how often this was shown or if it is still available.

BoxTalk On "The Box"
June 1998

    Tori has been seen on the U.S. Music Channel The Box in June 1998 on 2 BoxTalk features.

    Doink? reports:

    The Box, a pay-per-view video jukebox channel, is currently featuring a segment called "Boxtalk" that interviews Tori, shows clips from her Chicago preview show [from April 30, 1998], and talks to fans waiting in line! The interview can be ordered immediately via a 900 number and immediately viewed on your telly, if The Box is carried by your cable provider or viewable from your area. The "Boxtalk" segment is about five minutes long. The "Spark" video is also available. Go to for information about local playlists and phone numbers.

    Mark Goode adds:

    Tori Amos has an interview segment running on the cable station The Box. It's a music channel in the US that lets you call and requests a music video for $1.99. They have a request segment (same price as a video) called Box-Talk with Tori. She talks about her album FTCH, RAINN, using more musicians, as well as other stuff. She is also #7 on Box-Tops, the top ten most requested videos on the channel.

    Doug Smeath adds:

    It's a great interview. She talks a little about adding the band, about RAINN, and then, just at the end, she starts talking about "what do you do when the angels don't come?" They show a quick clip from Spark, and then it's basically over. They show fans waiting in line for tickets, and they talk to some. And then they show some AMAZING!! clips from the show at Chicago Park West. They show part of "Black Dove (January)" and simply the most amazing "Precious Things" I have ever seen!!!!

    Kim H. adds:

    Just noticed there is a new Tori interview, "Tori BoxTalk Part 2", on The Box, the cable station that's a music video pay per view. I caught the end of it and it's definitely different than the other interview. New Tori stuff yay ! It's # 599 where i am but check your local listings.

Friday Nite Jukebox
June 5, 1998
    Tori was on Friday Nite Jukebox on NBC on June 5, 1998. The live performance they aired was simply a repeat of her Jay Leno performance of "Spark" from May 11. 1998.

E! Gossip Show
June 2 & 6, 1998
    Tori was briefly featured on the E! Gossip Show on the U.S. cable channel E! on various dates in June 1998. They talked about Tori's infamous cover on Q Magazine in the May 1998 issue. The reporter Tanya Hart had a short 20 second report called *Tori Amos Goes Gold*. They said Tori recently posed for the cover of the British magazine Q. They spoke of the cover...saying "The only thing between Tori and her fans was a coat of gold paint". [Note: It seems to be a gold bodice of some sort to me, but anyway...] She was reportedly worried the most about the impression it would make on her new mother-in-law of only 3 months. (Her mother-in-law later said she liked it.) Tanya stated "Tori, girl, you have nothing to worry about, 'cuz you are worth your weight in gold". They never showed the magazine cover shot during the whole commentary. Thanks to FCWulf, Benjamin Mobley and shannon429 for the news.

MTV Alarm (Europe)
June 17, 1998
    Toriphile Claudia from Germany informs me that Tori appeared on the program MTV Alarm on MTV Europe. The show was aired (I think) on Wednesday, June 17, 1998. They had an interview with Tori that was taped in Hamburg, Germany in the Stadtpark before her concert there on June 11th. The interview included an association game that was interesting.

    Read a nice summary of the MTV Alarm interview.

Triple J's Hottest 100 songs of all time (Australia)
June 7, 1998
    "Cornflake Girl" was placed at #27 on the Australia-wide radio station Triple J's Hottest 100 songs of all time, which aired on June 7 1998.

Pinkpop On Dutch TV
June 1, 1998
    On June 1, 1998, Tori was one of the performers at the Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands. Part of Tori's performance was shown on Dutch TV, along with an interview. You can read more about this here.

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