Tori on MTV Alarm (Europe)
June 17, 1998

Toriphile Claudia from Germany informs me that Tori appeared on the program MTV Alarm on MTV Europe. The show was aired (I think) on Wednesday, June 17, 1998. They had an interview with Tori that was taped in Hamburg, Germany in the Stadtpark before her concert there on June 11th. The interview included an association game that was interesting. Claudia sent me a nice summary of the interview, which you can read below:

One and a half hours ago I was sitting in front of my TV and just by chance switched over to MTV, where the interviewer said something like..."today with Tori Amos"....then commercial brake, time for me to get a video cassette. Well, they did an interview for the show MTV Alarm, which was filmed in Hamburg in the Stadtpark before her concert some days ago.

She was so sweet, talking extra slowly for the German interviewer Christian Ulmen, who is not very fluent in English and has a pretty strong accent (sorry). She talked a bit about the new album, he asked why she talks about her miscarriage so openly, and she replied that one has to be always true and honest, because otherwise you would live with a lie and that would suck.

Then they did an association game, that's what she said to the given words:

Grandmother - puts her finger in her throat, the old story, that she hated her because in her opinion kids had to stand in the corner and read the Bible, but she pointed out that her mother's mother was really sweet.

First Love - Bobby Vernoe, I was 5, he was 6 and threw a hammer at me, so I got the message

Led Zeppelin - passion

hotel bars - bad drinks

farm life - my mother cooking vegetables

Kate Bush - wonderful

Open air concerts - wet

fans - Ears with Feet

They showed a short part of the Spark video, and asked her if she is into karate, which she is not, but she likes Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2, the independance of women she finds really groovy. They showed as well the beginning of "Black Dove" of the Hamburg concert.

Moreover, she said that she has three nieces and five nephews, for one of her nephews who is "obsessed with soccer" she brings a soccer shirt from every country she plays.

All in all, that was a really sweet and nice interview, and I was so lucky to see it, because it was not announced in any German TV magazine.

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