TV & Radio Appearances - December 1997

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MTV News
December 4, 1997

    On December 4, 1997 in the U.S., MTV News featured a story about Tori, and included a brief interview with her that took place on November 11, 1997 in London on MTV Europe. Danica saw this first, and reports on what she saw below. At the start of the new brief, they said, "coming up, Tori Amos fights back." Then the woman who does the news (Serena) returns...

    "and talks about how tori is recording her 4th album and how its the first time with a full band, and speaks of the Great Expectations Soundtrack. The she talks about how Tori headed up RAINN and that Tori talked with the crew at MTV Europe, and showed a clip of that. Tori is sitting there in a black shirt, her hair is straight and a bit stringy looking, and she's gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. Tori talks about that infamous story on how she got RAINN started, and the clip goes off with the newscaster giving the number to RAINN out at the bottom of the screen."

    Read the online version of this story at the MTV Web Site

MTV Commercial Aired Again
December 1997
    A really cool commercial has been airing once again on MTV. This commercial was first reported early in 1997 and is the one where Tori compares music today to food. Go to the TV shows for February 1997 to read more details about this commerical. Sadly, some cable systems show a few local commercials during the breaks, which may prevent some people from seeing this commercial.

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