TV & Radio Appearances - August 1997

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MuchMusic Spotlight
August 15, 1997
    The music cable channel MuchMusic had Tori as the Spotlight Artist. It featured the video clips Silent All These Years., Crucify, Cornflake Girl, Pretty Good Year and and Caught A Lite Sneeze, as well as some brief interview clips.

MTV Repeats Tori's Loveline Episode
August 15, 1997
    MTV re-aired Tori's appearance on Loveline. Tori originally appeared on that program in January 1997. Click here to read more details from the appearance and see some photos. The only negative thing was that the rerun was edited slightly, so some of the original show was missing. There were some questions that were left out from the original. So if you are get a taping of it, make sure you get the ORIGINAL showing. You know you got the right one if your taping has the question about the poor guy who had, piercing ripped out...

Interview On Radio Station WNNX (99X)
August 14, 1997
    On the morning of August 14, Atlanta radio station 99X had a live interview with Tori on the phone during the Morning X program. This interview gave some of the earliest hints as to the Tori's new album for 1998. You can read a transcript of the entire interview. I must thank Toriphile Jenn for sending this to me!

    Here is a summary:

  • Tori said she was in the tropics writing the new album. She said she would begin recording October 1st in Cornwall, England in some old stables! The only details she would give about the new album were the quotes below.

  • "It's a whole different work than the others I've done, and I'm working with players I've never worked with before. I'm cutting with drums from day one, which is a new one for me."

  • "I've really got 3 weeks to finish writing this thing, and I have 6 songs that aren't done."

  • One interviewer asked her if there was a man in her life inspiring the new album. She said yes, and that she was very lucky to be in her current relationship. The DJ then said, "So happy pop songs coming from Tori Amos?" and Tori simply replied, "Shock and amazement. Sit down. Nobody will be interested, but yeah, I have joy in my life."

  • Tori talked at length about RAINN, thanking 99X for raising $82,000 through the sale of their Live X III CD. She also talked about men and her experiences with them.

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