Tori On MTV Lovelines, Monday January 13, 1997

Tori appeared on MTV Lovelines in the U.S. on January 13, 1997. This is a question and answer show about sexual matters. Tori answered several questions and did quite well I thought, though she did seem a little perturbed by the host Adam. Tori began by talking about the fact that she was raised very very very Christian, and that she threw all her passion into her piano playing, because passion was not allowed anywhere else. "Jim Morrison was not allowed in the house, unfortunately Pat Boone WAS." She also talked several times about RAINN and the Calvin Klein promotion for the rape hotline.

Tori cringed when the discussion came to a poor guy who had his penis pierced and later had the ring ripped out during oral sex. She talked to a guy who's girlfriend does not want him to look at her during oral sex. Tori said it is easy to wonder what a guy is thinking during this, and that he should say:

"I want to associate you giving me head, not somebody else."

Her advice to a fellow with a foot fetish:

"You need to work in a shoe shop...You could have picked other parts of the body that are kind of not so groovy."

Tori expressed amazement and perhaps a very tiny bit of irritation at the sexual appetite of many men:

"Women think very differently from men. Even though it's like 'He's got a cute ass'... I'm fascinated how much men think about sex."

Tori stressed personal responsibilty several times, once to a guy who claimed a girlfriend "took" his virginity, and to a woman who repeatedly got into abusive relationships:

"There has to be a level of responsibilty..."

Tori even had advice for a man who wants to be romantic while his girlfriend wants to be dominate:

"Ask her will you dance with me with your handcuffs?"

More photos of Tori on Lovelines are below.

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