TV & Radio Appearances - August 1996

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Prime Time Live
August 21, 1996

    Prime Time Live ran the story on Tori Amos, Wednesday night, August 21. The focus was NOT on Tori's fans (as expected), but on the life of Tori herself, with special emphasis given to her rape experience. Toriphile Nesh made me aware of the fact that according to Entertainment Weekly, PrimeTime Live was ranked #3 in the ratings the week they showed Tori's story, which was one of its highest ranking shows. It has rarely ranked in the top 20 previously. Tori's story was the last segment on the show. Interestingly enough, her part of the show followed a story on an erupting volcano! I have transcribed the entire interview for you.

    Read the ENTIRE transcript from Prime Time Live and see some groovy photos.

Professional Widow Video
August 1996

    The Professional Widow Video is for the Armand Van Helden remix of the song. It is actually composed of a compilation of many of Tori's other videos. They actually did a pretty good job of making the videos flow together! You can see clips from the following Tori videos:

    Silent All These Years
    Cornflake Girl (U.K. version)
    Pretty Good Year
    Caught A Lite Sneeze
    Hey Jupiter

    Some reports say that some of the edits used in the Professional Widow video were extra pieces not used in the original video. Pretty Good Year is the most interesting one here, since many people have not seen the original. This video has been shown in many places, including a show called AMP on MTV.

    See Video Stills From The Professional Widow Video.

Radio Station 94Z, Knoxville
August 1, 1996
    Modern rock station 94Z in Knoxville TN - I received some information about an interview that Tori did for this radio station on August 1 from Tori fan Doug Thompson. Tori mentions that one of the songs from the VH-1 Crossroads show might appear on a future compilation album, though no details were given . This may refer to the I'm On Fire promo single that was made available to some radio stations. She also talks about a few other things.

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