Tori on Radio Station 94Z in Knoxville TN

As emailed to be by Doug Thompson ( on August 1, 1996

Hello, my name is Doug and I live in Knoxville, TN. Anyway with formalities aside, today on our only modern rock station 94Z, an over the phone interview with Tori Amos was held by avid-Tori listener/rmt-a lurker/DJ Greg (if you read this Greg, you really are the best DJ there and I really can't stand that stupid Colonel Butt-kiss). Anyway I missed the front of the interview but got almost ten or fifteen minutes of it on tape. Numerous questions were asked including plans for an MTV unplugged CD, plans after touring, and who is Marianne.

About an Unplugged CD:
Tori: "Uh...That's an interesting question because it hasn't been,
nobody's called me yet and they'd have to call me before they did that."
Greg: "I would hope so"
Tori: "So, as of right now..I'm not aware of it. Um, however, I did
something for VH1 Crossroads, and I think they're releasing one of the
songs I did for that on this compilation thing."
Greg: "Oh, really?"
Tori: "But the MTV...Let me ask Johnny..." Can't really here what
she's saying here..."I'm sure it will be out on a bootleg"

Greg: "Oh there's no such thing as a bootleg, Tori. Nobody has those.
I've never seen one of those, come on."
(more laughter)

Anyway after that they talk about plans after touring and she says she really doesn't have any except to work on her next work but she thinks she's "in the middle of fryin' up some mussles or something and you kinda are ready to jam with a gutar player and hopefully he's not too far away".

Then they talk about her own record label which she calls her "very own cigar" and the first band pet which comes out she thinks in September.

Then they ask who Marianne is and she says that she was one of the most loved people that she had ever known and that she didn't know anybody who didn't like Marianne and that "when she looked at you, you felt better about yourself, even if you were the hardest, bad-assed whatever to the nerdiest, um, i don't know, booger-infested ding-a-ling, Marianne just made you see yourself better.", and that "She passed when uh we were almost fifteen. So fourteen, fifteen"

That ends the interview and they talk about how she's playing Chattanooga this Sunday and that she will come back to Knoxville very soon.

The interview happened today at 10:45 and if you want to see if they have a complete transcript (I would post it but this is very tedious and monotonous playing then rewinding to quote right) go to I didn't see it there yet but they might have something up by the end of the week or so. Anyway I hope this clears up some confusion .

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