TV & Radio Appearances - April 1996

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Talula Video on MTV 120 Minutes
April 14, 1996

    On April 14, MTV aired the Talula video. The video features the now familiar BT Tornado Remix of the single. Tori's Boys For Pele album was repackaged to include this remixed version of Talula.

    Take a look at some photos from the video.

Tori's "Live X" Performance in Atlanta
April 14, 1996

    Tori's "Live X" performance in Atlanta - There was an FM broadcast of Tori's "Live X" performance that was recorded before the Fox Theater shows on April 14, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia at radio station WNNX. I now have the set list for that little performance!

David Letterman
April 8, 1996

    Tori's Dew Drop Inn Tour was previewed by an appearance on David Letterman Monday Night, April 8th. She gave an enjoyable performance of Muhammad My Friend. As usual for a Letterman appearance, Tori did not get any time for conversation, but she did seem energetic and ready for the tour ahead.

    See screen shots from the show!

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