Tori's Talula Video On MTV 120 Minutes, April 15th, 1996

These are screen shots from the showing of Talula on MTV 120 Minutes program. Before the video we learned from Matt Pinfield that the video featured the BT Tornado Remix of the song, and that that the DJ BT taught Tori more about the World Wide Web. When he mentioned that there are even sites about people who chase tornados, Tori got the idea for the remix. Matt also said that the remixed version of Talula will soon show up on a repackaged version of Tori's album.

The video was really fascinating, and the plastic around the piano metaphor effective. I'll let the screen shots speak for themselves.

tvid1 (16K) tvid5 (20K) tvid8 (20K) tvid10 (20K) tvid11 (20K) tvid12 (20K) tvid14 (20K) tvid16 (20K) tvid17 (20K)

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