The Spark Video

Tori's "Spark" video premiered in the U.S. during MTV Live on Wednesday, April 22, 1998. "Spark" debuted on British TV during 'The Chart Show' on ITV Saturday morning, April 18, 1998. According to the news snippets on The Chart Show, the slightly sinister video was the idea of director James Brown. He told Tori, "In this song I see you striving, that you're searching for something, having an adventure." Tori said, "Little did I know that I would end up to my ears in mud crawling across Dartmoor." The word on the tree in the video appears to be "skeeter." The video is very dark and quite sad...

This video also debuted in late April on The Box, a non-cable pay-per-video channel in the U.S.

This video was also featured on MTV's Artist Cut program in May 1998, and Tori herself explains the video. You can read that here.

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