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MuchMusic's RapidFax (Canada)
April 30, 1998 and other times
    Julia K. reported to the Torinews mailing list that Tori was on Canadian TV on a feature called RapidFax on the Muchmusic music channel on April 30, 1998. They had a five-minute segment and interview with Tori and showed clips from the Toronto sneak preview concert that took place on April 28th and of the "Spark" video. Tori talked about the new album and how she got influenced to do it.

    Toriphile Matt Presidente saw this same feature on MuchMusic on May 3, 1998. He says:

    I was watching much music today (The canadian equivilent to MTV), and durring FAX (a half hour program showing little music news tidbits) it said: "RED ALERT: Tori Amos - next". I raced and got my video tape ready, and right after the commercial they did a little thing on tori! It was really cool to see her on TV - they showed some recent interview clips of her talking about the new album, and how it is very independant of her other albums. She looked great and she talked about how she has changed a lot since under the pink, and how she can't copy that and write the same type of songs as "CORNFLAKE GIRL". They also showed bits of the Spark video which was cool - but the best part was that they showed about a 30 second clip of her club concert in Toronto. They showed her playing BLACK-DOVE which was really cool cause it was the "ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY" part which was loud and great...

    MuchMusic also had some interesting Tori content on their section of AOL at this time.

'Studio Brussel' (Belgian radio)
April 27- May 1, 1998
    During the week of April 27 - May 1, 1998, Tori was featured on "DE PIEKSTOP", a radio show on 'Studio Brussel' in Belgium. On each of the five days they played a song from "from the choirgirl hotel" and also played an interview clip with Tori as well. Thanks to Toriphile Joris Schouteden, you can now read the interview and hear either RealAudio, mp3, or wav sound clips from the interviews for all 5 days! This is a really nice feature and I recommend it! Go to Joris's Web Site to hear the interview.

Album Network Radio Special & Webcast
April 30, 1998 or later

    Tori's sneak preview club show on Thursday, April 30, 1998 in Chicago, IL was webcast live over the net via JAMtv's Virual Venue, and was also aired as part of an Album Network syndicated radio special in the U.S. I did not take part in the webcast since I was at the show in person, but I received some reports from others. In addition to airing the first 5 songs of the concert, they also aired a Tori interview from backstage and played cuts from Tori's new album, "from the choirgirl hotel." Read more about the radio special and webcast, including a partial transcript of the interview, on my Chicago Webcast Page.

    The Album Network Special aired on different radio stations across the country, and not on the same day. Some aired the show live on April 30th, while others waited until a few days later.

MTV Live News Segment
April 30, 1998

    Toriphiles Elysia and Mark H Weidman tell me that on Thursday, April 30, 1998, there was a small news segment on MTV Live. Kurt Loader had a news bit about Tori's tour, and they showed a clip of her performing live at the Irving Plaza in New York city on April 23rd. She was wearing cargo pants and was singing "Precious Things". Then they showed a clip of her from the MTV 1515 segment where she was talking about what her most memorable moment on tour was. She talked about the night Kurt Cobain died, and how her whole audience had these *lights* all around them, and were singing "American Pie" all together, in perfect pitch. Go here for more about Tori on MTV 1515, which first aired a day after this news segment, on May 1, 1998.

Live In Toronto Radio Show
April 28, 1998

    On April 28, 1998, Tori was originally scheduled to appear on radio station CFNY in Toronto on the "Live In Toronto" program. Unfortunately Tori had to cancel because of a scheduling conflict with her sound check that night at the Phoenix. However, the program still had something good to offer Toriphiles, because they played a Tori interview that they had taped earlier that day in Tori's hotel room. and they played some tracks from Tori's new album. Toriphiles Eryn Leedale and Whitney C. report on what aired on the program and Erin even sent me a transcript of the interview!

    Read about the program and a transcript of the interview.

The Chart Show (U.K.)
April 25, 1998

MTV Live
April 24, 1998

V.I.P. (NBC Europe)
April 23 & 24, 1998

    Toriphile Nony gave me the details of Tori's appearance on the show V.I.P. on NBC Europe on both April 23 and 24, 1998, You can now hear that interview in RealAudio at the Tori Amos & The Crew web site.:

    The interviewer presented Tori as a famous singer-songwriter,and "to remind us of one of Tori's hits", she showed a short video clip of Cornflake Girl (the UK version).

    The interview wasnt too nice,since the really bad interviewer wasn't very patient and kept completing Tori's sentences..

    Tori looked very nice,she was wearing all black with a brown skirt, a black scarf and lots of lipgloss.

    Tori talked about the concept of Rythmn in the new album,and how it was important for the album to revolve around this, and about her using her body in the shower for building the rythmes and singing with this.

    Also, she said that she thinks "The piano really wanted to be Jimmy Page",and have some musicians around.

    Then the interviewer asked talked about the miscarriage as the "theme" for this album, quite coldly, and Tori talked about the attachment to this soul and about "bothering" God with questions about it.

    Then she was asked about her father, about him being a preacher, and Tori said that she thinks "he actually wanted to be James Dean.." but, he had a terrible mother (then she said that she's dead already,so she can talk about her like this), and she guilted him about being a preacher..

    Then the interviewer asked if her father wanted to be a musician really,and Tori said he's tone-deaf, and everyone could hear this in church while singing, cause he loved to sing and he did that loud..

    She also talked about the 14 years before Little Earthquakes,in which she played at bars, and talked about her first gig in a gay bar, when her dad left her in the car and asked the owner to give his daughter a chance (she said this with a funny accent) while she was putting her make up on. (she said she was 13).

    The interviewer then talked about Spark as the first single,and showed a short clip of the video (the first minute,where Tori is near the car) and asked Tori what is it about.

    Anyway,this all took about 10-12 minutes.

The Pepsi Chart (U.K.)
April 22 & 25, 1998

Jo Whiley Music Chat Show
April 22 & 24, 1998

    Toriphiles Anne Leonard, Aidan, Andy Tebbutt and Emma Taylor have informed me about Tori's appearance on the "Jo Whiley" Music Chat Show on April 22, 1998 on Channel 4. The show was repeated on April 24th. Tori was asked to choose what song can uplift her the most and she chose "I Will Survive." Anne says:

    just wanted to tell you that tori was on the "Jo Whiley" Show in the UK last night, and it was SO cool!!!!!! she was only on a little bit of the show for about a minute, in a slot where stars come on and talk about one of their favourite songs. she chose "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor and she was leaping about dancing to the song on a big pink bed! she said little snippets about the song as well. (she was talking about when she went into gay bars to play piano and her father accompanied her) (i haven't been able to transcribe that coz i didn't start recording it until this next bit!)

    "It was really good for my father that i worked in gay bars because i think he was a bit homophobic and, you know, he had a hard time with women doing it with men much less men doing it with men."

    "And even though there were remakes of it [the song] there's nothing like the original for me." When she sang it, it came from every cell in her being. "You know, I'll be in a car full of girls and it will come on and there we'll be at the top of our lungs just singing it"

    Andy & Emma add:

    Tori was on a hotel bed, and was very happily singing to the record, pulling faces to the camera, bouncing up and down on the bed and generally have a real good time !

    She was wearing the same black top she wore for "The Pespi Chart" TV interview (obviously she'd done all her interviews the same day somewhere !), and what looked like a skirt made up from half of a cut up sleeping bag, but we may be wrong...!

    Aidan adds:

    She chose I will Survive and said that its Gloria Gaynor's version that she prefers, She said that when she was working in Piano bars that most of the waiters were gay and that they would make her play it "17 million " times a night.

The "Spark" Video
Debuted In April 1998
    Tori's "Spark" video premiered in the U.S. during MTV Live on Wednesday, April 22, 1998. "Spark" debuted on British TV during 'The Chart Show' on ITV Saturday morning, April 18, 1998. This video also debuted in late April on The Box, a non-cable pay-per-video channel in the U.S.

    Read more about the video and see photos.

The O-Zone (U.K.)
April 14, 1998

    Emma Taylor & Andy Tebbutt report that a Tori interview was on "The O-Zone" music programme on BBC 2 on April 14, 1998 in the U.K. at 7.10pm. It was part of a short Great Expectations feature. Does anyone have more details about this appearance?

Women and Songs (Canada)
April 12 & 14 & 15, 1998

    Sar and Nancy informed me that Tori appeared on a TV show in Canada called 'Women and Songs' which aired on April 12, 1998 on the the Women's Television Network (WTN). The show was repeated on April 15th & 16th. The clips and interview segments were all from the Boys For Pele era. Here is a report from Nancy:

    It featured many female singers/songwriters including Tori. I believe the clip of Tori came from a BFP promo video; it showed her singing by herself in a church and then out in a field talking about singing in churches. They showed a clip of CALS and then Tori by a cemetery talking about music coming through her like a bolt of lightening. It ended with a clip of the Cornflake Girl video (in Canada it's the same version as the European).

Atlantic Records Electronic Press Kit
April 1998

    If you go to Tori's Official web site at, you will find in the Tori Channel section a series of videos you can watch using RealVideo. One of them is an eleven minute electronic press kit for the new album, where Tori talks about "from the chorigirl hotel." I have justed added to the Dent a transcript of the interview for those who are unable to watch the RealVideo. Find it in my TV/Radio section. Thanks to christ for sending it to us.

Late Show With David Letterman
April 10, 1998

    On Friday, April 10, 1998, Tori made her first TV appearance in over a year on the Late Show With David Letterman on CBS. During the show, which was actually taped on Thursday, April 9th, Tori performed "Spark" with the 3 members of her band. Steve Caton on guitar, Jon Evans on bass, and Matt Chamberlain on drums. Tori was in fine form, and she actually performed much of the song on a keyboard, and then switched to a baby-grand piano in the middle of the song (No Bosey!).

    Read more details about the performance and see photos!

Tori Calls Johnny Riggs At WHFS
April 10, 1998

    Around 5:20PM on April 10, 1998, Tori made a call to radio station WHFS in Washington D.C. and talked for a while with DJ Johnny Riggs. The main thing they did was announce the on sale information for the club tour concert in Washington D.C. Tickets went on sale shortly afterwards at 6:00PM at the 9:30 Club. I actually heard the interview myself, because my friend Rebecca Cox taped it and played it for me over the phone. I about died when I heard Johnny mention The Dent on the air while talking to Tori! After hearing that I was too excited to remember much, but thankfully Toriphile Nithya Rajendran has sent me a full transcript of the interview!

    Read A Transcript From Tori's Interview On WHFS.

E! Gossip Show
April 8, 1998

    I have reports from Danica and Karin that say that Tori was briefly featured on the E! Gossip Show on April 8, 1998. E! is a U.S. cable channel. They showed a picture of Tori and mentioned her upcoming club tour. They also talked about being able to write to Tori on the internet, and said she would be comprising her setlists for the tour from suggestions sent to her by fans on the internet. She (the host) also mentioned that if some fans didn't get to the club shows they'd be having some clips and sounds on the net from these shows in the future.

Tori Interview On Red Dragon Radio (U.K.)
April 6, 1998
    U.K. Ears With Feet Lucy Bennett reports that she heard an interview with Tori on Red Dragon Radio, a radio station somewhere in the U.K on April 6, 1998. The interview was recorded last week on the phone and Tori talks about the forthcoming tour, saying that she will perform a mixture of songs from all albums and bee-sides and how she felt lonely sometimes, playing by herself, and she just wanted to jam. They also played "Spark." This single is starting to be played on the radio in U.K. in other places as well.

    Read a transcript of the Red Dragon Radio interview from Toriphile Lucy Bennett.

Tori Interviewed By Kevin & Bean On KROQ
April 3, 1998

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