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Updated November 22, 2001

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The following statistics from Tori's 2001 StrangeLittleTour were calculated by Sped Erstad, who maintains the Tori Amos Setlist Database, a site that keeps up with all the songs Tori plays on her tours. (Make sure to check it out if you have not already done so. It is amazing!)

These stats were calculated after Tori finished the North American leg of her 2001 tour. So they are current through the San Diego shows on November 20, 2001!

Here is a breakdown and summary of the first 39 dates of Tori's U.S. Tour (including early London date).

As I predicted before the tour started, Tori really broke out a lot of surprises in this short tour -- without a band she had the freedom to pull out a lot of songs without needing much rehearsal ahead of time (which also made for some real cute moments as she forgot a lot of words and screwed up a few times!). This was a very special tour and I hope that she can repeat it again sometime in the future... And those of you in Europe, ... wow, you have something to look forward to...

Sped (

Compiled from the Tori Amos Setlist Database

She played 102 (!!) different songs in 39 shows which averages to 2.6 new songs every show.

She played 760 total songs (in their entirety) for an average setlist of 19.48 songs.

She played 22 songs one time only.

She played 18 separate cover songs in their entirety.

She played 7 NEW cover songs that she has never played before (This only includes the 1996 Dew Drop Inn tour and after.):

  • Philadelphia
  • Imagine
  • Please Come to Boston
  • Windows of the World
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • Needle and the Damage Done

She only played 3 songs in more than 50% of the concerts:

  • Me and a Gun
  • '97 Bonnie and Clyde
  • Rattlesnakes

Notable songs she did NOT play:

- Cornflake Girl (one of her most well-known songs...)
- Waitress (another favorite, especially from "the band" tours)
- Blood Roses
- 7 of the 12 songs from Choirgirl, including Spark... (... But! She played all six B-Sides from that album, all very frequently)
- Strange Little Girl (the first release from the new album...)
- Heart of Gold (I would LOVE to hear a "straight" cover of this song...)
- Several Old Favorite Covers: A Case of You, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Purple Rain

Album Breakdown (including b-sides for that album):
Little Earthquakes
Boys for Pele
Strange Little Girls
Under the Pink
Choirgirl Hotel
To Venus and Back
Y Kant Tori Read
199 (26.2%)
133 (17.5%)
124 (16.3%)
85 (11.2%)
80 (10.5%)
58 ( 7.6%)
46 ( 6.1%)
19 ( 2.5%)
16 ( 2.1%)
760 songs total

B-Sides Broken Out::
Little Earthquakes
Strange Little Girls
Boys for Pele
Under the Pink
LE B-sides
To Venus and Back
Choirgirl B-Sides
UTP B-Sides
Choirgirl Hotel
Y Kant Tori Read
BFP B-Sides
SLG B-Sides
139 (18.3%)
123 (16.2%)
118 (15.5%)
64 ( 8.4%)
60 ( 7.9%)
58 ( 7.6%)
46 ( 6.1%)
42 ( 5.5%)
21 ( 2.8%)
38 ( 5.0%)
19 ( 2.5%)
16 ( 2.1%)
15 ( 2.0%)
1 ( 0.1%)
760 songs total

Song Type Breakdown:

Album Tracks - 540 (71.1%)
All Others - 220 (28.9%)

*** Includes YKTR

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