The Rosie O'Donnell Show
December 22, 1998

Tori appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell Show on Tuesday, December 22, 1998. This appearance was a surprise to many people, and contrary to what many of us thought, it was NOT a rerun of her January 1997 appearance on Rosie. The guests for this episode were Ben Affleck, Jon Stewart, and Tori. Tori performed "Northern Lad" and talked a little bit with Rosie on this very nice appearance. This episode was taped a week or two earlier in New York. You can find various descriptions of the show below as well as some screen captures from Tori's appearance, and a complete transcript of Tori's conversation with Rosie courtesy of Nicole M McCann.

In addition to all my photos below, you can also find photos and video clips from this appearance on Rosie O'Donnell's web site as well! Thanks to kristen (twinklegrrl) for telling me about that!

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Transcript of Tori & Rosie's Conversation:

Nicole M McCann sent me a transcript of what Tori and Rosie talked about on the show. (Thank you!):

At the beginning of the show (during the monologue), just before commercial...when Rosie was announcing the guests... the first guest that she announced was Tori!!!

Rosie: "You know who's here today, don't you? Tori Amos, who I enjoy so... [starts playing a clip of CFG, singing along...'Never was a cornflake girl. Thought that was a good solution hanging with the raisin girls.' ] She's got a brand new CD out, and it's as wonderful as the 3 that preceded it. uh, I adore her... She's here...She's gonna sing for us." [finishes announcing the rest of the guest list]

I was able to go to the show's website ( and there I saw a small clip of Tori's performance. Tori played "Northern Lad."

(commercial break ends and Tori is already sitting with Rosie on stage--this is why i wonder if there was a small interview after the song and before the commercial.--Tori is leaning over the desk a bit, talking to Rosie. Both of them are smiling and sort of laughing. From what i could see...Tori has on black pants, a sort of black V-neck, short-sleeved shirt that comes down off her shoulders a bit, and over that is a blue knit sweatshirt covering her arms. I couldn't see her shoes. And, I'm sure someone else, who's not fashion challenged, could describe what she was wearing a lot better than me...but I'm trying. You can hear Rosie hurriedly say,"Yeah." to Tori, because they're taping again. )

Rosie: [ gradually standing the new CD ("From the Choirgirl Hotel") upright, on her desk] "Back with Tori Amos, who's new CD is so wonderful; and [Camera zooms in on CD] congratulations on getting married.

Tori: [softly says:] "Thank you." [humble smile]

Rosie: "You're welcome! [then, to the audience:] Tori got married!"

{audience cheers} [Tori begins to look at the audience now, and starts smiling with a bigger smile]

Rosie: Ya' know...I remember you telling me that you didn't think you'd ever get married.

Tori: never.

Rosie: [softly] no

Tori: [shaking her head no, slightly] No, never.

Rosie: surprise!

Tori: Big surprise.

Rosie: [softly] yeah

Tori: [more enthusiastically...very cute] I dropped my teacup! ...He asked me [Rosie nods yes, as if to say "go on."] and, uh...I thought we were just gonna have tea. He's British, know... they do that...sort of thing.

Rosie: [in agreement] Yes

Tori: and we were sitting there, having it... and he sa[about to say the word "said," but cut off abruptly]...asked me..said, 'I want to know' [starts smiling..then begins to sort of purse her lips while still smiling--sorry that's the best i can do to describe it.--and says, while making that face] [Looks upward] ohhh....He doesn't want me to talk, but he said, um, ' I want to know what you're gonna be like going down to the garden when you're 80.'

Rosie: [gasp] ...What a sweet thing to say!

Tori: [barely audible, said with a slight sigh] yeah

Rosie: And is that right when you dropped it, right there...?

Tori: I dropped it. ...yeah

Rosie: And did you think...well, would you like to be there seeing it, or are you just wondering. ...You know.

Tori: [softly] heh

Rosie: Did that cross your mind?... Cause I'm so insecure, I'd be like...well, maybe he doesn't mean with me. [very softly, while laughing a bit, Tori says: yeah] Maybe he's just wondering, in general, how people know...?

Tori: Yeah, he...well, then he said 'i want you to...I want you to be my wife' [Rosie: Aww...] and i thought [said softly, in awe] " Wife. Wow!" ....Then I dropped it.

Rosie: Now are you able to say that when you refer to him..."my husband" ...? Does that come naturally for you or...?

Tori: [in the most adorable voice] Husband! Rosie: [softly] yeah... does it?

Tori: I call him...

[Tori and Rosie simultaneously say softly: yeah]

Tori: [continuing her story, said in a cute voice] "Husband! [ using a hand gesture to mime talking on a telephone] Hi, it's me...Tori." [Smiles]

Rosie: [laughing] [then, briefly, both Tori and Rosie are softly laughing together]

Rosie: [interrupting suddenly] Did you get to go on a honeymoon?

Tori: Wasn't, wasn' a honeymoon, 'cause we kept getting interrupted.

Rosie: by... [Tori: so...] work stuff?

Tori: by work


Tori: 'cause the record was just about...we were just finishing it and um... everybody started calling because they needed approvals and stuff

Rosie: Right

Tori: and at a certain point it was just about...[softly] oh my God...We were really intruded on...

Rosie: yeah

Rosie: so you're gonna get some time, i hope, to take another one...sometime soon

Tori: Yeah...He says that, ev'ry day we'd get a day off, he'd say 'Mmmm...cashing in on the no honeymoon.' [smile, slight laugh] [then, barely audible:] So, that's it.

Rosie: [laughing] Hahahahahahahaha! ...Well, that's kind of sweet... Now, um...i read that you were kicked out of school at 11

Tori: yeah

Rosie: Still hurt your feelings a little bit?

Tori: ... [pause]

Rosie: I was kicked out of school at 17 [softly, Tori says: yeah], and I'm still not over it.

Tori: Well...they've asked me to come back and do a... a songwriter's weekend.

Rosie: [In a tone of playful fierceness] THEY ASKED ME TO DO THE SAME THING! ...for the acting department.

Tori: Mmmm [nodding head slightly yes] Rosie: I Said "no!" What did you [Tori: I said] say?

Tori: I said no

Rosie: Give me a high-five on that! [Tori gives Rosie a high-five]

Rosie: But you were just a baby, 11 years old

Tori: Yeah, I was pretty young...but I thought my life was over

Rosie: yeah...

Tori: It was big stuff...I had been there since I was 5. I was supposed to be a concert pianist[rolls eyes], but that didn't obviously happen


Tori: It was *never going to happen, though. I mean, i could have told them that at five and a half

Rosie: Yeah, you knew

Tori: oh, I *knew. It's like "oh...those guys are *dead. [Begins to sort of roll eyes, by looking at the audience, and then slowly rolling eyes towards Rosie at her desk] why do i want to play that..crap!?!

Rosie: [Laughing] Yeah...

Tori: Do you know what i *mean* ? Rosie: "I want new stuff"

Tori: I wanted to be a composer

Rosie: Right

Tori: Don't we all...[making peace sign]...but i did. And, [Rosie:yeah] uh, i don't know... I'll still...

Rosie: And then you started playing bars right, soon after that...right?

Tori: Well...what happened was, they said 'What are you gonna do?" ...I said, I was 11, and I said "I don't know. Give me a couple of days to [Begins making huge, very wide eyes] figure it out."

Rosie: laughing

Tori: And so, I think a few days later I just said, "Dad...I need to go pro now."

Rosie: yeah

Tori: So he, um, by the time i was a teen, he would go with me...chaperone me when i was playing clubs in D.C. ...when i was 13. And I played 'em...[smiling, getting a little more excited] the shocking, the scary thing is that I played 'em for 11 years

Rosie: Really...

Tori: Yeah, I kept getting fired. {Slight laughter is heard in the audience}

Rosie: For what reason? Demanding too much Kool-Aid in your dressing room? {A tiny bit of laughter can still barely be heard coming from the audience}

Tori: No, ...I think it was, um...I just think that...the Marriot, as much as they make that really good macaroni and cheese

Rosie: yeah

Tori: but other than set list and their set lists and my leather just didn't...

Rosie: Didn't go

Tori: And, this was the 80's, you needed to be up to here. [Gesturing way above her head]

Rosie: Really big. mine was huge then.

Tori: Was it?

Rosie: Yeah

Tori: Mine was, too. It had to touch the ceiling. [Still gesturing above her head] Aquanet can, you know...

Rosie: And you know what I used to do...? I used to take the blow dryer...Put the blow dryer here [miming the actions that she would take], and then spray the spray

Tori: oh, yeah

Rosie: as the blow dryer was going

Tori: oh, yeah [smiling]

Rosie: So that you would just have one big Farrah Fawcett wing. [gestures]

Tori: It's, it's weight [gestures that suggest wings coming from one's hair]

Rosie: Like the flying nun...I could've taken off from the 4th grade.

Tori: It was too great

Rosie: It was sad and scary... Well, I am so happy that you're..., uh, happily married; and I love the new CD as I do the 3 that preceded it, and as I was telling Tori, I quote the lyrics to my shrink [Tori starts laughing], uh...[Rosie continues, in a sort of fake-crying way] 'cause it helps me express myself. ...Could we just have a moment and hold my hand, please? [Tori holds Rosie's hand for a couple of seconds] ...I'm okay. Uh...go buy the CD, uh, would ya, and uh, it's available now..and [to Tori] have a great Christmas

Tori: [softly] Thanks

Rosie: and

Tori: [softly] you, too

Rosie: say hi to your parents

Tori: [softly] I will.

Rosie: [softly] Alright

[Tori smiles and waves to the audience. Rosie announces the next guest. Camera pans out and away. You can see Tori and Rosie talking some more--like in the beginning. Commercial break.]

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