Tori On Rosie O'Donnell
January 24, 1997

Tori appeared on Rosie O'Donnell, sang a beautiful Silent All These Years, and even got to talk for a few minutes. I do wish Rosie herself would have done more talking and less singing, but other talk shows don't let her talk at all, so I am grateful! Tori talked about wanting to go out for a margarita with Rosie and how she always forgets the lyrics to her songs. She also seemed quite amused at Rosie singing some of her songs. It does seem like Rosie is a true fan of Tori's, so that was nice.

Here is another description of the show written by Casey and forwarded to the Torinews mailing list:

Rosie13 Rosie2 Rosie26 Rosie27 Rosie32 Rosie34 Rosie37 Rosie7

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