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Dutch radio show "Denk Aan Henk" on Radio 3FM
January 20, 2003

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Tori appeared on the Dutch radio show "Denk Aan Henk" with host Henk Westbroek on Radio 3FM in The Netherlands on Monday, January 20, 2003. Here is a report about the show from Spark:

Just a quick e-mail to inform you that Tori appeared live in the studio of the show "Denk aan Henk" today, as mentioned on your site.

She played "A Sorta Fairytale", then had a little interview with host Henk Westbroek, about changing her first name, the theme of the album and how her daughter should be eating a lot of fish so that she grows to be taller than Tori... Then played "Crazy" and "Pancake". Very short set :)

This was *not* a rebroadcast of the recording she did on October 11th 2002, it was a new set.

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