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Radio 3FM Showcase at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Holland
October 11, 2002

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Tori performed a showcase at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Holland on Friday October 11, 2002. The performance was taped for Radio 3FM.

This showcase was broadcast on October 30, 2002 on Dutch Radio 3FM, during the radio show "Denk aan Henk". However, they only aired 3 of the songs: Mrs. Jesus, Pancake and a sorta fairytale. You can download Mp3s of those songs at

Look below for more details and reviews from people who were there. Thanks also to Michel Kempes and Leonie for letting me know about this!

Tori performed:

Scarlet's Walk
Mrs. Jesus
A Sorta Fairytale

From A. Welles:

Tori was in an extremely good mood. There were about 40 people in the room, of which there were only 6 fans, including me. She was almost an hour late hence the very short setlist. She wore a striped blouse with a black top underneath and jeans.

There was a small introduction by someone from Sony and after some minutes Tori walked in. She started to play right away beginning with 'Scarlet's Walk'. The song starts with her singing 'Leaving...' followed by words I can't remember several times. This sounded like a n intro and then the actual song started. I could not really hear a very common structure in it. It is not really a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus type of song. I was really struck by the smooth melody and the great singing. The 'Leaving' parts were sung very high and powerful. All I can remember from the chorus is the line 'Scarlet's Walk through violets....'

The she started to play 'Mrs. Jesus'. The first line was 'Life-lines and suicide crimes. He found me in a state'. Then Tori actually fucked up and shouted: 'Fuck...' and she did not quite start all over again but kinda went on with it. The line 'Life-lines and suicide crimes' actually was repeated two times or something but the following lines were a bit different then 'he found me in a state'. This song was hard to grap right away. I think on the record it has guitars and drums and maybe that will make it a bit more catchy.

Biggest surprise definately was 'Pancake' solo on piano. She really caught the high penetrant notes very well and the piano riff was played very smoothly and pleasantly. She also put a lot of power in the chords changes such as on 'seem like you and your tribe' and 'You give me yours, I'll give you mine'. A few bars in the song were sung a cappella, so without any accompanyment. Somehow this song sounds ever more amazing when played solo.

'A Sorta Fairytale' was performed in the short single version. She started with a very delicate piano solo played on the higher keys of her keyboard. The chords of the chorus were also played higher then on the record. The whole performance was quite mellow and a bit slower than on the record and when the bass notes came in in the chorus that really gave a very powerful effect.

Last song was 'Strange'. In the chorus she sings about having learned ('I learned...') a lot. This song was also very smooth and had a very nice melody. The first word of the song was actually 'Strange...'. Together with 'Scarlet's Walk' 'Strange' had an amazing melody and structure...

After that the concert was already over. All reporters were left out and the lady from Sony asked us to stay. Then Tori actually got back in especially to greet us. She did not have much time, because she had to catch her plane to England, back to Cornwall. She told us she was really happy to see 'real people', besides all the reporters and record business people. She shook all of our hands and asked our names. I asked her if she was gonna bring the harpsichord back on tour this time (I am sorry but I ADORE that instrument and that was all I could think of at that moment). She said 'She's very delicate', so I guess that means 'no'.

After that we asked her if we could take a photo and we actually shot a photo with Tori and the six of us. When we asked if we could do one more she said: 'Yeah, please do one more'.

After all it was an amazing experience. She was very tiny and I think she lost quite some weight but she looked healthy and charming.

Thanks Tori! I woke up this morning thinking: 'How am I gonna fill this day'. And I ended up seeing and meeting Tori Amos... Wow!

(The people there were told several things about Tori's new album. Here are some highlights.)

- There's an embargo to all showcase recordings up to October 25th. After that several European radio stations will be broadcasting the showcases held so far, including the one here in Holland.

- Tori will very soon (probably after October 25th) do a one hour chat session on

- On October 25th ALL songs from Scarlet's Walk will be put on for 24 hours so you can listen to them in streaming audio.

- Tori will probably tour in Europe in the first 3 months of 2003.

- The lady from Sony told us she was probably gonna do Holland at the end of January (so right before Paris).

- Sometime in October, will include a section for several countries how to order a special Edition of Scarlet's Walk and you'll receive it on the day of release.

From Kirsten den Drijver:

I just got back from the mini concert in Holland.

When Tori came and we were very respectful and calm. She came out of the car and waved at us. She said something like "Hi Guys, good to see you ... I'm going for a soundcheck ... Hang on!" And then she went inside the Willoord Studio. It all went by pretty quik and after all I was like ... This was it???

And then the lady from Dutch SonyMusic came (you're an angel!) and said we could come inside because it was just the six of us (and we were behaving so good offcourse) .... Man I was CRYING!!!! We were so happy

We went into a cosy room where te Bösey stood (with 3 bottles of Evian Tori did't touch) and all promo pics of Scarlets Walk. We weren't allowed to take pictures or use cellpones because they were really scared anyting would leak before te "25 oktober embargo" as they called it. There were only 4 rows of chairs, and I think between 25-30 people were inside. The six fans and the rest were journalists/ Sony people.

When Tori came in she immediately started playing. She repeated "Leaving" so I knew Scarlets Walk was coming. She also said "What will you do with your freedom". I love this one ... Lot's of high notes, I think it will even be better on the album.

Then she started Mrs Jesus. But after a few lines she said "Ok, I screwed that one up" and then a fuck up improv came. A few lines started with "Sometimes, like she did with an improv during SLT. The last lines where "Sometimes I just need my little Girl ... That's in which state I'm in" and smiled and started Mrs Jesus again. I'm not really into that one yet I think it is a grower. She said "Hello Mrs Jesus, How are you" and someting like (not literal) "after all, what are we looking for in the end?"

I first didn't recognize the intro to pancake, but Arjan sat next to me and said Pancake! It was so more powerful than the mellow promo version! It's true what's been said before! I know it must be awful to hear me saying this and not being able to hear it yourself. But it will be broadcasted near 25 oktober!

A Sorta Fairytale was so sad . And slower than the promo version. I'm not sure which version I like the best. This one got me to tears.

Strange is soooooo beautyful ... I was thinking all the time how good the lyrics were, but I forgot all of them! It's so strange how fast you forget all these things! She repeated "When will I learn ..." very often. I got chills everytime she sang it.

When she finished the last song she stood up, did her Tori wave and left. The journalist left after that, but we could stay. We knew Tori was in a hurry because she was half an hour ( I think even longer) late because of some accident that happened on the way (NOT with Tori involved!) and she had to catch her flight back to England.

But then all of a sudden she came back to say Hi to us! That was so nice of her, since she didn't have that much time. She shook hands with all of us and asked how we were doing. I was doing "Kirsten" haha. And I said I really loved Pancake live on te piano! Tori answered with "GOOD!" and put her thumbs up. Very cute. We took a group picture and then Tori really had to go. She walked away on her high heels (which were more 'perform and sit heels I think, when I saw her walking on it ).

Then we talked shortly to the Sony woman for some information about the release of SW and magazines Tori would appear in. I think all about that has been said before. The album will contain a map and the Limited edition will be really limited. They could only order a portion of it ONCE. But it will be available for pre order at (every country gets its own link) and you will get it then on day of release. I should have asked her about the'"Toy" we are getting, haha.

Also Tori will likely (nothing is 100% sure about that) come to Holland in januari. More things will be clear about that in the next two days the lady said.

The six of us went to a chinese restaurant and irritated everyone with our Tori Talk But it was fun!

This is all I can remember right now... All I can say is Wow ... what an experience ... I'm so glad I was there and I got the chance... a once in a lifetime thing ...

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