Atlantic Records Electronic Press Kit - 1998

If you go to Tori's Official web site at, you will find in the Tori Channel section a series of videos you can watch using RealVideo. One of them is an eleven minute electronic press kit for the new album, where Tori talks about "from the chorigirl hotel." I have justed added to the Dent a transcript of the interview for those who are unable to watch the RealVideo. Thanks to christ for sending it to us. She was bored and just felt like doing this!

(opens with hotel in the background)

it's a video of the same short of tori's cornwall diary from may Q the new record was made here in cornwall we started recording in oct. 97 and we're mixing right now.

the new album's called from the choirgirl hotel.

it felt like all these songs were different beings..i felt some of them in room 13 and i felt some of them answering the phone and it became very much like a traveleing group of, i dunno, wonton women, i guess and i felt like these songs..they're a bit of a group

(playboy mommy in the back)

you know some are alto and some wear leather and some were sorprano and they're really unique and some you know, some dont like men and some just adore men and some arent interested in anything but you know, reading and they became very much like entities.

(playboy live)

the difference in this record is um, i had such an amazing time playing live all my other records, for the most part, i would do the piano first. and then all the other instruments behind it have to fit in around her very um very self-involved way of doing things but this time i surrendered a lot more than i had before, i wanted to. i wanted it to be more of a relationship between me

and the other musicians instead of them coming afterwards and me not being able to really interact with them as a player.

(musicians) (spark in the background)

george porter, jr. again played on the record (dont understand here.."and i call him father fun"?)

matt chamberlin played drums.

um..let's see jefferson (is this right or is it jeff?) from beck although i met jefferson a few years ago when he was playing with another band, and um, before he got that gig, and when i saw him play, ah, i knew that i wanted to play with him sometime. so this is the opportunity to make that happen at a gig(cant understand "ask him to play a gig"

he and george really show the record. really different what they, what they add. theyre such unique players. (dont understand) and such good players overall

it is really based around a band now. the piano has, she's accepted that she is not in the sun anymore (smacks the piano i found this funny hehe)

she knows that she has to share the stage, and she's doing it, she's doing it.


when you hear the record, it's very different than the other records. they sound, every detail of it, um, is so much a part of it, how the piano is intergrated with the drums, and um, its really, it's really not like a record i've made before, it's definitely plugged, this record. and playboy mommy is kinda the closest i can..i can do.

(shows picture of playboy mommy and lyrics i am guessing from liner)

(plays playboy mommy live)

in playboy mommy, i'm much of a voluptuous, you know, but i'm allowed to do that because > so its like, i make myself in that way and i saw myself in a different way than i am. with a thirteen yr old daughter and a mother daughter relationship just not being enough. i saw my mother, you know i saw how i felt when i was..not ashamed, but that moment of why couldnt you be the thing that i wanted you to be and i realised that i would probably (?)have that in my heart

(finishes playing the song)

raspberry swirl (picture)

sometimes i feel like i become the male figure for my girlfriends and so um, its unfortunate that i cant be a man, because i think i'd be in love with all of them. but that's not my inclination, um, you know, i love them very much, so this song is about.."things are getting desperate when all the boys cant be men, everybody knows i'm her friend, everybody knows i'm her man." and..well, they love it when i sing it to them

(northern lad, picture)

northern lad is probably the loved woman in the group and..she's gotta, had to go to another country to get it yeah, yeah, i know northern lad, yeah

(iieee, same deal, lyrics, picture, etc., song playing the background)

iieee (prnounced eye eye ee)has a native american influence and when you hear the rythmn and..yet..there's a little of that new mexican driving in an old delapitated mustang and youre just on your own and you just drive for days and days and you think you're getting away with murder, and it's just you. and i think that feeling. iieee is very much about dying and about sacrifice.


i have an amazing team doing the production

i'm producing with some great engineers and a very good chef.

(at the soundboard)

i've arrived here with loads of nerves and as you can see on the desk, we have the 400 because nothing less works.

and at this point, i'm at mixing stage. my crew has fled, they're all gone um, for two hours. you dont get to see them but but i work with ten people. um, i couldnt do it without them this is the second time i've produced. the first time i did it i swore i'd never do it again and i'm nuts because here i am doing it again

but when i'm facing this board, i love, you know, i love this board, obviously, it's our board, but crew has put a dollar on it and called it a turkey. so if you could see the dollar bill. it's been acting up and i mean, i adore it. with anything, it takes such patience. (?) production from (?) and are..trying to give the soul a song and to put aside any logical argument. i work on instinct. music is obviously a therapy and you cant touch it. but in the mixing, i'm very much has to become visual, it has to transmit on that level. now obviously, it'll transmit to you differently than it will to me, but i feel if i can get you to picture your own picture, it will go int that realm.


i tour every other year to keep myself in shape because i hate working out that much. so i think we'll do about 200 shows. i'm pretty ruthless about the live show. it's my background, i was playing live since the beginning i was hodling on for so long that i had to be loyal to the piano. i mean, i really was her lover.

(plays song no singing..i dont recognise it?)

and once i really understood that she and i had made a pact..ever since i was a little girl, i had a commitment to this instrument and i wanted to bring it into this medium, not just classical music or jazz, but to bring it into this medium to where they plug in at 118 decibels and have.. have an impact. well, we did that, so i could let that go. now it was very much about let's play with other musicians. we don't have to be so isolated. we don't have to prove anything now. and we're lonely,. i was actually really lonely.

so crew became my band, thirty-five of them and..when i decided to have a band, they just kinda..intergrated into the groove. and it's the next step to me.

(spark playing) they're not a lot of bands that i hear that blow me away, that (flowing?) in other words, are like, wow. i (?restrict to ) music played live i didn't use the record.

i love the record, but it's a different feeling. and it's the transfering, its about musicians that can really interact. hopefully,the production's really.. if you're into that sort of things, you can put your hips on some and be entertained for hours. you know just be like with (?) the real music the artist is doing or whatever might be that will let you (?) the images of your favourite song.

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