A Political Cartoon In The Nation
January 17, 1997

Updated April 30, 1997

The following is from a posting that Richard Handal made to all the Tori mailing lists:

Tori was mentioned in a political cartoon in The Nation magazine back in the March 31, 1997 issue. The Nation is a major left-leaning weekly political magazine in the U.S., and they always have a political cartoon on the top portion of the inside front cover.

The cartoon in question relates to a political scandal recently brought up concerning President Clinton being accused of offering special access-- such as spending the night in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House--to large donors to his presidential political campaign last year. It suggests that, among other satirical ideas, another premium which could be offered to a donor of $5,000 would be that the donor could attend a Tori Amos concert with President Clinton's teenage daughter Chelsea.

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