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A Political Cartoon In The Nation
March 31, 1997

    Richard Handal emailed me a political cartoon that appeared in the March 31, 1997 issue of the Nation called Presidential Access Fee Schedule. It mentions Tori in the third frame. For those keeping up with politics it is funny, and it is interesting to see Tori's name used in such a context.

    Look at the cartoon & Read Some Background On It.

Billboard Magazine
March 29, 1997

    Thanks to Tina Cielski for telling me an article that appears in the March 29, 1997 Billboard about the rerelease of the Silent All These Years single. It covers the success that it is seeing at radio stations, and the hope that several record executives have of making it Tori's first big hit. It is an interesting look at the promotional efforts of Tori's record company, and how they are trying to increase her fan base. And for those of you worried that any top 40 success might taint Tori's talent, Tori says in the article, "No way."

    Read the Billboard Article

Music Central Interview
March 1997

    There is a great interview with Tori at the Music Central web site. It took place shortly after the RAINN benefit concert last January. The interview is called Travels With Tori by Ken Barnes. The interview is very interesting, and Tori talks about the frame of mind you need to have to fully appreciate Boys For Pele, as well as RAINN and the future. The interviewer presses for information about future projects and tours from Tori. Tori replies, "Nothing until '98. Absolutely nothing until '98. " She also responds to the rumor that her next album will be more electric.

    Finally there is a list of Tori web sites and mine is listed at the top! The commentary on my web site is humorous: "A hardcore Tori disciple is at work here, and it's almost scary. " This is the third time that I have heard my web site called scary by the press! You want to know what is REALLY scary though? Read the album review they have at the Music Central web site. Clueless reviewer Fred Goodman calls Boys For Pele "unfailingly witless" and "a truly bad record." Now THAT my Toriphiles is scary (and wrong)!

Addicted To Noise Interview
March 1997

    Dedicated Ears With Feet Beth Winegarner was able to interview Tori in late January right after the RAINN benefit concert. Her incredible and insightful interview called Tori's RAINN Dance is now available at the Addicted To Noise web site in the Features section. Beth asked some really great questions, and I find this interview to be one of the essential ones for all Toriphiles to read.

    Read The Interview At The Addicted To Noise Web Site.

    People who have older browsers or lower-speed modems might prefer this lower bandwidth version of the interview.

Spin Magazine
March 1997

    Nithya Rajendran informed me that Tori was mentioned in the March 97 issue of Spin Magazine (With U2 on cover). She appeared in a chart of all these songs from various artists that have been remixed.

    Read the details including a photo.

MOJO Magazine
March 1997

    Matt Presidente emailed me with this interesting news. The March 1997 issue of MOJO magazine (Beck on the cover) had the top 100 songs of the 90's and surprisingly Girl is in the Hot 100. The text by Gavin Boyter reads:

      "An other-wordly melody and unsettling stream-of-consciousness lyric about subserviencce and madness make it clear that Amos is the true inheritor of Kate Bush's peculiar species of songsmithery. The richness and depth of her debut album, her subsequent dancefloor friendliness, and gameness in covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit", make her an artist of lasting significance."

Mixmag Update Reader's Poll
March 1997 ?

    Toriphile Jon has informed me that Professional Widow appears in three places in the recently published reader's poll in Mixmag's sister magazine, Mixmag Update. It was voted the best single and best remix of 1996, and ironically, the most irritating song of the year as well. I am guessing that the issue date was March 1997, but that might be a month or 2 off.

UC Santa Cruz School Newspaper
March 1997 ?

    A school newspaper at UC Santa Cruz printed a front page article about Tori and RAINN (I currently don't know the issue date, so I am guessing March 97). It was called A SAVIOR IN THESE DIRTY STREETS by Danielle Hunt. I would like to thank Dominick for sending me this article.

    Read the article

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