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Tori featured on the TV show "When I Was A Girl" on WE: Women's Entertainment; Read a full transcript and view screen shots!

Updated Wed, Sep 24, 2003 - 2:25am ET

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Update: I have just posted a full transcript of what Tori said on this show!

imageTori was featured on the TV show "When I Was A Girl" on WE: Women's Entertainment in the U.S. This was a special episode dedicated to musicians and it debuted on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 10:00pm ET and was shown again a few hours later. Also featured on this show were Macy Gray, Jill Scott, Joan Jett, Lisa Stansfield and Kelly Rowland. Each artists took turns answering questions about when they were a girl, such as their favorite cartoon character. There were some really cute quotes from Tori and a hilarious part at the end where each artist was dancing in front of the camera and as Tori did so she was crossing her eyes and looking like she was saying to herself, "This is silly." I have taken several screen shots from the show and have posted a complete transcript.

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Interview Transcript

Thanks to an anonymous source for sending this trasncript to me!

Q- What was your nick name?

A- Ellen the watermelon

Q- Talking about what they liked as girls

A- Loved Ann Boleyn.... my fav thing to do... I was always fascinated by her and by all of Henry's wives and the ones that got it (makes hand gesture across neck) and the ones that didnt.

Q- What Saturday morning cartoons did you watch?

A- WellI was a big Scooby Doo person. I'm not a dog person on any level it's just not my thing and yet i had time for Scooby.

Q- Talking about the music that sparked their imagination.

A- My grandfather, my mom's dad he was Eastern Cherokee and he had perfect pitch he sang these negro spirituals and it would just break your heart.... and it's very different from a Prodestant .. um no soul in the music... very different kind of thing. The gospel church was swingin down the street. the Methodist church was pretty stale.

Q-Talking about finding their voices.

A- Somebody heard that Icould play the piano and they brought in a piano so I could play Jackson 5 songs and i happened to know them and all the kids would stand around and sing them while i would play. I was just like you know the piano juke-box. I'm like Sam in Casablanca.

Q- What music was cool in your school?

A- Well the cool music in my high school was very uncool...... you know they had no sense what they were doing. I know they call themselves Rockville Maryland but they had no rock going on at all.

Q- What looks they wore

A- By theI was 15 I was working in the clubs in Georgetown. There were alot of gay waiters and they were trying to teach me i would come in you know long dress and my hair up and withing a couple of years they were getting me to look at magazines, and open me up to Halston, and you know think Paris sweetie .So the gay boys really showed me the ropes.

Q- Who was your famous crush?

A- Do you think I'd honestly tell you the name of a musicianI lusted after in highschool (whispers) I have to keep that one to myself.

Q- What do you strive to say through your songs?

A- I'd like to think that it may draw people into history.... to the Ann Boleyns of the world. These creatures of mythology we're not taught alot of mythology in our culture and it's so rich.... and I think people's stories are so much more colorful than even they know.

Screen Shots

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You can read more about the show in general at Thanks to Guy Merrill and Yolanda Pulakis for telling me about this.

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