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Tori did not create original music for the film 'A Piano Tale', but did contribute music to the project

Updated Tue, May 27, 2003 - 2:20am ET

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I earlier reported that there is an entry on the Internet Movie Database that claims that Tori composed original music for a 2002 film called 'A Piano Tale'. This is not exactly the case. I received an email from Benjamin Holmsteen, who is the Director of the film 'A Piano Tale'. He tells me that the beginning stanza of Silent All These Years is used for that film. The song is being played by a classical pianist, and Tori did not compose original music for the film.

More Details

Benjamin Holmsteen, the Director of 'A Piano Tale' sent me the following email:

    Someone at the Danish Tori-lodge informed me about your question. So here is the answer:

    I am the director of A Piano Tale. A Piano Tale is a Danish short film produced in 2002. It includes music by Tori Amos and Wolfgang Amade Mozart played by a classical pianist and a jazz pianist.

    The beginning stanza of Silent All These Years is used for the film and is used by permission of Tori Amos' father Dr. Edison M. Amos, whom I am in contact with. And I have presented a copy of the film to Tori myself. The SATY-tones are being played by the classical pianist. So Tori did not compose original music for the film.

    A Piano Tale has been selected for competition at the Valencia Film Festival in Spain (June 14th - 21st 2003). Hopefully it will tour USA as well.

    Right now there are no plans for distributing A Piano Tale on VHS or DVD.

    For further information please visit

There are some other sites with information about this fascinating film (Thanks to Kayla, Derek Spransy, Holly and Silvia Buriani for their help): (The web site for director Benjamin Holmsteen)

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