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Details about Tori's private, intimate live performance for radio station The Mix 102.9 in Dallas, TX on April 23, 2003

Updated Thu, Apr 24, 2003 - 12:51am ET

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On Wednesday, April 23, 2003 in Dallas, TX, Tori did a small, private performance for radio station The Mix 102.9 in Dallas, TX at a local Hard Rock Cafe. Here set list was:

Upside Down

You can see a photo of Tori from her visit to this radio station at

Here are some reports on the performance from people who were there:

From Katie in Dallas:

    I was at the private performance in Dallas today. I just wanted to give you a review. The performance was at the Hard Rock Cafe. The same place where the meet & eat is being held at after the venue meet & greet. The radio station told us to be there by 130pm. They first took into an upstairs lounge/bar area, they gave us food & drinks, then the general manager came out & told us the rules. There was no photography of any kind, no food or drinks...he did say they were recording the show but it didn't air live on the radio. Once they seated us, Tori came out about 5 minutes later if that. She wasn't all dressed up, but very casual & comfortable looking. She had on a maroon wrap around blouse that tied on the side, a pair of denim capri/pedal pusher pants & a pair of maroon mary jane type pumps that matched the shirt.

    She said hello & went right into playing. She played:

    Upside Down

    In this order. She didn't talk between the songs. She sounded so beautiful in this little room & I was literally 10 feet away from her. I was sitting in the second row, but there were also couches & plush chairs lined up against the wall. The inside reminded me of of a church in a way, but darker...the walls were dark brown. In my opinions it gave the room a more mysterious feel. There was a meet & greet after the show. While waiting some of us sat down at the piano & took a picture. It wasn't her piano, the one she uses for shows. It was a baby grand...maybe a rental? But it was neat to kinda see things from that perspective for a second. I think if it was actually her piano we wouldn't have been able to do it, but no one seemed to mind. I gave her a gift & my friend who is very pregnant had a very cute conversation about babies & being a mommy. She signed my friends autograph: To Mommy Stephanie Lots of Love
    Mommy Tori...I think its just the sweetest thing. It was good to finally talk to Tori on a one on one way, not herded into a meet & greet. I was so happy I got to take a picture w/ Tori w/ out having to climb over people to just stick my head in.

    This was a special experience for me, I was very lucky. No words can really explain how well she sang, & just the overall feeling of the show. Plus its always a real treat when its just Tori & her piano. Her voice sounded awesome, really strong & a lot of control. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

    The whole thing was absolutely perfect.

From melissa j mcdaniel:
    tori's intimate performance in dallas was actually at the hard rock cafe and she played: crazy, upside down, pancake, and strange. It was totally excellent! Tori was wearing a maroon shirt and wore her hair straight and looked just lovely!

From Kenny Hobbs:
    It was a concert for the Mix station here in Dallas. My friend Matty and I were one of the last to arrive to the show, so we were one of the first to go into the Cheese Room of the Hard Rock Cafe, which was at the complete opposite end of where everybody was gathered. Yey for being late!!! We were in front row!

    As always, she was incredible. Just four songs...

    Upside Down

    Afterwards, Tori signed a Little Earthquakes CD book for Matty, and we tried taking a picture, but the flash on my digital camera didn't go off. This wasn't a big deal, there was enough ambient light that I can correct it in Photoshop, but she told us to take another one just in case! Wooo!

From Cindy Talley:
    There were about 20 people there at the Hard Rock Cafe in a room they call the "cheese room". It was a tiny dark room with black "old" wooden walls, lots of draped red velvet with a small bar in the back, black and white photos of people who had been there hung on the wall. A black grand piano was at the head of the room. They led us in, gave us instructions, no leaving, no pictures, no cell phones, no talking! She wore red high heals, faded capri jeans, a red casual blousey blouse type thing, and a turquoise necklace. She is a tiny woman too, I didn't think she would be so petite! But she's just a little thing. She played 4 songs flawlessly. Two from the new album, Crazy and Wednesday ... and then I can't remember what else. I'll ask my sister, she went with me, I lost my brain totally but at the same time I resisted singing harmony, so I knew all the words! She sounded incredible! After she sang we were allowed one picture and one autograph. I was going to have her sign this picture that Annie drew of her playing 2 pianos (Annie is my 4 year old daughter) but Tori loved it, showed it around to her staff and kept it! She got all chatty about Annie and started telling me about what her daughter draws and how amazing it can all be, seeing through the eyes of such a little one! I told her how Anna knew all the words to Mr. Zebra, and she really laughed at that. She wassooooooooo nice! She was gracious and polite, sweet and wonderful! The radio station provided album covers to autograph and she wrote it to Cindy and Anna with love ... The concert was good ... but I have always preferred just the "girl and her piano". Nothing will ever top my sitting right in front of Tori Amos (on the front row) listening to her sing, just her and the piano. The sound totally surrounded us, it was absolutely perfect. She sounded better than any cd or any concert I have ever heard/been to. It was amazing. I remember watching her feet push the pedals on the piano, interesting to feel what notes she chose to ring out. I got the feeling she wanted to be there and wanted to sing, I didn't feel like it was a silly "radio" promotions thing. Even if it was, she enjoyed singing. She was really wonderful. The experience of a life time! The picture below is SO goofy of me, but sheesh, I just got the biggest present I would EVER get in all of my life .... :)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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