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A call to arms of sorts to help "Taxi Ride" out on radio

Updated Sat, Apr 19, 2003 - 4:07am ET

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You can help Tori's single Taxi Ride do even better on the radio!

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This comes from Robert Schrader and has the full support of The Dent:

"Taxi Ride" enters both the Billboard Adult Top 40 (week ending April 25, 2003) and Radio and Records Hot AC (week ending April 18, 2003) charts at #40 this week, with spins of 214 (a gain of 47 from the week before), arbitron audience of three million, and 3 new stations added. The song gains steam on Radio and Records' AAA in its 9th week on that particular chart, moving up to #18 from #20 with spins of 221 and an arbitron audience of 700,000. "a sorta fairytale," while recurrent on all 3 aforementioned charts, is still garnering over 500 spins cross-format with an affected audience of over 5 million; it in fact gained spins last week in its would be 28th week (that's seven months, folks). For example, on my local Hot AC station here in St. Louis, WVRV, I heard "fairytale" 4 times today and "Taxi Ride" twice. The station played the songs 39 and 16 times each, respectively, in the past week. That's almost 8 times a day, folks. Once every three hours. That's GREAT.

Now "Taxi" is doing just fine with the promotion it's getting (gaining over 10 spins at AAA and over 70 at Hot AC as of midweek), however, there are things we can all do to help to make it do even more so, perhaps even mimic the success of "fairytale"(which if you recall spent 26 weeks on three charts (BB AT40; R&R Hot AC &AAA. Peaked @ #11 on AT40 and Hot AC; #1 on AAA). Following is a list of stations currently spinning the track. If you're in the area, be sure to call them up and request the songs.

Hot AC:

KALC-FM Denver
KALZ-FM Fresno
KLLC-FM San Francisco
WBMX-FM Boston
KVUU-FM Colo Springs
KPEK-FM Albuquerque
WKZN-FM New Orleans
KKPN-FM Corpus Christi
KAMX-FM Austin
WXLO-FM Worcester
WVRV-FMSt. Louis
KDMX-FM Dallas
WINK-FM Ft. Myers
KLLY-FM Bakersfield
WKRQ-FM Cincinnati


WGVX-FM Minneapolis (This one just dropped the song from 40 down to 10 spins. Call call call!)
WMMM-FM Madison, WI (See above)
KCTY-FM Omaha (See above)
KINK-FM Portland
WRLT-FM Nashville
KRSH-FM Santa Rosa, CA
WOKI-FM Knoxville
WKOC-FM Norfolk
WXRV-FM Boston
KCTZ-FM Minneapolis
KPRI-FM San Diego
KENZ-FM Salt Lake City
WMPS-FM Memphis
WRNX-FM Springfield, MA

Next, there are a few "key" stations from each format that have yet to add the song, stations is large markets with large audiences whose populations would contribute greatly to "Scarlet"'s sales. Call them up if you're in the area and pressure them to add! It's NOT all about "payola" Also, "Taxi" is currently being played by 16 Hot AC stations and 14 AAA. "fairytale" had 87 and 26, respectively, at its peak.

Hot AC:

KYSR 98.7 FM (Los Angeles) - odd. One of "fairytale"'s first and biggest supporters.
KIOI (San Francisco) - See above.
WPLJ (New York)
WQAL (Cleveland)
WMTX (Chicago)
KEZR (San Jose)
KZZO (Sacramento)
KOSO (Modesto/Stockton)
WMAD (Madison, WI)
KBFE (San Diego)
WMC (Memphis)


KBCO (Boulder)
KFOG (San Francisco)
WXRT (Chicago)

...and of course, if any of you have a Hot AC or AAA station near you that's NOT spinning "Taxi" (a list of stations from each respective format can be found at's "Station playlists" section), by all means call them and ask them to add it!


Click here to keep track of how well 'Taxi Ride' is doing on the various Radio Charts...

Posted by: Mikewhy

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