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Details about the KFOG Private Concert with Tori on April 12, 2003

Updated Mon, Apr 14, 2003 - 1:28am ET

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Radio station KFOG (104.5FM in San Francisco, CA and 97.7 in San Jose, CA) hosted a Private Concert with Tori Amos on Saturday, April 12, 2003 at 5pm at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. Only a small group of winners got to see the show.

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Here is the set list of what Tori performed:

Sweet Sangria
Bells for Her
Amber Waves
Taxi Ride

Big Mike attended this private concert and sends me the following report:

    Thanks to some luck on the part of my friend Charleen, we were able to attend the KFOG private Tori mini-concert in San Jose, prior to the regular 4/12 San Jose show. I had hoped that in this intimate setting, I would be able to meet Tori and present her with the pale peach roses that I had gotten for her for the occasion.

    We were promptly taken to a reception area in the venue, where there were several dozen people and snacks and goodies. I was told that I would not be able to present my gift to Tori :( but that they would be taken back to her. Had to settle, I guess. However, during this reception time, we were told that there would be a drawing for 5 fans (and their guests) to meet Tori.

    We were then ushered to the main auditorium, which was to be the setting for the evening's show. It was a mad dash for seating, but given the limited number of people invited to this event, everyone was able to get a seat within the first 5 rows. Seated in the second row, it was as close as I had ever been to Tori - she was looking relaxed in cordouroy shorts, fishnets, a white long-sleeved top (with what appeared to be sunglasses or some sort of charm dangling from her neck) and burgundy heels. Matt and Jon were also part of this show.

    We were told that this was usually the soundcheck time, but given that it was the second night in the same venue, a soundcheck was going to be unnecessary, which gave her the opportunity to do this show for us, and that she would do some things that were different from her regular show.

    (Strange and Siren were not played during the regular set that evening.)

    Strange is one of my many loves from Scarlet, and the first time I'd heard it live, while Siren has been something I've been waiting to hear for ye ars. Each was breathtaking, while Sweet Sangria and Taxi Ride were as crowd-pleasing as they had been when I had seen them earlier on this tour.

    After the set, we were taken back into the reception area, where the drawing was held. Sadly, I was not a winner - but an experience like this should be taken as winning, in the first place.

    Tori, I hope you received my pale peach roses. :) Thank you for this opportunity and on to part 2, the evening's scheduled tour performance, where my seats were almost as good!

Here is another report from Mat Rosecrans:
    The show was initially supposed to start at 5pm but the radio station was stalling. They kept telling us that Tori was late but when I overheard some people from the station talking I found out that Tori never agreed to/and or was never told that she was doing this private concert. Her manager had actually said that she wouldn't be doing it. Tori decided at the last moment to go ahead. Thank you tori. Her irritation was very evident to me as the songs seemed very brushed over with no real emotion behind them. At least not the emotion one comes to expect from Tori. I was still very pleased with the fact that I was only six rows center from Tori. The closet I have ever been not to mention the haunting rendition of Siren. Shame on KFOG for being so unprofessional and unorganized.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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