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Details about the Texas Pre-Show Meet & Eats this week!

Updated Wed, Apr 23, 2003 - 5:30am ET

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Check out the details for these pre-show get-togethers, which will take place in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin!

More Details

The following news item comes from Raven Oak and Jeff, who are the organizers of these exciting Texas Pre-Show Meet & Eats:

With the help of Hard Rock of Dallas, for the Dallas. TX show, we've planned a pre-show dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas (just 20 minutes from Next Stage) complete with a big Tori influence to get people ready for the show! Enjoy $3 Raspberry Swirl Margaritas while watching Tori videos. Get raffle prizes and participate in giveaways!

All the details are on the new and improved Texas Tour Gatherings page.

There are other pre-show get-togethers planned for the Houston show (the venue is right next door to the venue), Austin show, and San Antonio show (the venue is right down the street). Check out the page and we hope to see everyone there!

You can also join our list for updates and such at:

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