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Ann Powers will write a book on a day in the life of Tori on tour according to Publisher's Marketplace; More details

Updated Wed, Apr 02, 2003 - 6:55am ET

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I have a few more details about this book, due sometime in 2004. Thanks Carolyn!

More Details

Nancy tells me that a recent issue of the online newsletter Publisher's Marketplace (which announces new book deals) includes the following news about a new Tori Amos book that is due to be published sometime in 2004.

    Singer/songwriter Tori Amos's untitled nonfiction book, to be written in collaboration with rock journalist Ann Powers, portraying a "day in the life" on Amos's On Scarlet's Walk tour, focusing on Amos's life as a working musician, to Rakesh Satyal and Gerald Howard at Broadway, in a significant deal, for publication in 2004, by longtime manager Arthur Spivak, and Sarah Lazin for Powers (world).

Here are more details about this book which Carolyn found online in a Celebrity Chatter column found at
    And in other book news, singer Tori Amos will be chronicled in a book that is yet untitled.

    Talk about being in the right time. Publisher's Weekly reports that the book came about because an editor from a large publishing house was sharing an elevator with Amos' manager and he pitched the idea of a book on the life of the female rocker.

    Rock journalist Ann Powers will put the words on the page. It's expected to a sort of "day in the life." There's no release date yet.

The April 11, 2003 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine said the following about this book in a column of various news tidbits, "Random House will publish a book cowritten by Tori Amos and music journalist Ann Powers, following a day in Tori's life...."

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