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It looks like the second U.S. leg of Tori's Scarlet's Walk tour ends in New Orleans

Updated Thu, Mar 27, 2003 - 3:50am ET

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 Entry Page has sent out an email to members of their mailing list, calling the New Orleans presale (look below for details) the "11th and Final Round" of presales. This would seem to indicate that the last date on the current leg of Tori's U.S. tour will be in New Orleans. We know from various interviews with Tori herself that she will be touring until about August 2003. So what are Tori's plans for the summer? We do not have any official word about this yet. Earlier there were rumors that she might do some festivals in Europe. but lineups for those festivals are appearing now and Tori is not included. There are a lot of rumors flying around online that Tori will tour once again in the U.S., perhaps doing a third leg of dates over the summer. Once we have official word about this or whatever it is that Tori is doing, I will post it on the Dent. While it is fun to talk about some of the things that Tori's crew may have told someone on the current tour, planning for a tour is a fluid and ever-changing process, and what may have been true one week could be false the next. Once I know something for sure, I will announce it!

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