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Details and a transcript of Tori's appearance on the MTV show Punk'd
March 17, 2003 and later

Updated Fri, Mar 21, 2003 - 4:35pm ET

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The show Punk'd on MTV in the U.S. is hosted by Ashton Kutcher. On the show they play pratical jokes on celebrities. On a segment they first broadcast on March 17, 2003, they were at the VH1 Fashion Awards. Punk'd had a young kid pretending to interview stars, but the joke is he gets them mixed up for other people on purpose. This kid interviewed Tori, but kept calling her Tori Spelling and asking her questions about 90210! Click for more details and dates/times when MTV will show this again.

More Details

imageThe show was shown again many times in March 2003. You can see a screen shot from the show to the right. Look below for a transcript from Tori's appearance on the show and some details/commentary from people who saw it:


Many thanks to Isismoongoddess for sending The Dent this transcript.

Ashton Kutcher explaining the joke: You're expecting to get your photo taken so you're already on point. What we decided to do was send in an 8 year old kid on the front line to ask the most lude, rude, invasive questions that are most humanly possible. I wan him to mistake identities I want him to get under their skin, we're going to see if we can throw a couple people off too. Red carpet has been invaded and it'll never be safe again - ever.

Place: VH1 Big in 2002 Awards

8 year old kid's name: Ryan

Tori on red carpet, posing for press...

8 yr. old kid calling out Tori's name to get her attention: Tori Tori Tori! Since 90210 are you still friends with Shannon Doherty?

Tori smiles cute smile and realizes he's mistaken and shakes her head and smiles and says:

Oh you're the cutest thing. I'm Tori Amos. (smiles) You want Tori Spelling sweet heart. That's ok. (smiles & nods her head ok & looks like she's about to same something else but the kid interrupts her with the next question...

8 yr. old kid: You're from Beverly Hill's right?

Tori: No no no I make records but that's ok I'll get you one. (smiles and makes a quick wink)

8 yr. old kid: Any chance of 90210 the movie?

Tori: No honey I make records, (smiles shakes her head no) I'm .. I'm not Tori Spelling.

The whole time, Tori is looking directly at the kid!

Then it sounds like the 8 yr. old kid ask "What are you doing later?" but the show edits on to the 8 yr. old kid mistaking Christina Applegate for Christina Aguilera ! lol


From Nicole:

Embarrasingly i was watching MTV and Ashton Kutcher has a new show called Punk'd where he plays practical jokes on celebrities. One was he had an 8yr old asking questions and purposfully mistaking identities and whatnot, on the Red Carpet, at I beleive the VH1 awards.

So they did a clip with Tori. The kid interviewer asked her several questions about Beverly Hills 90210. She was really cute about it, saying, Oh honey, that's Tori Spelling, I'm Tori Amos. Then he asked her a few more questions about 90210. And she was saying, Oh no, no, honey, I make records, I'll get you one. It was cute, she was her usual charming self.

From Amy Widerman:

I know you are busy on the road. I hope you are enjoying the concerts. I just saw Tori on a new MTV show named "Punk'D". It re-airs Tuesday 3/18 at 5pm EST. Ashton Kutcher is the host of it. It is basically pulling pranks on celebrities. The part with Tori is some teenage boy sent to talk to the celebrities at the VH-1 Big in 2002 awards. The guy asks her something to the effect of "How are things going now that 90210 is over? She says "Oh honey, you want Tori Spelling. I am Tori Amos and I make records." He responds with something like, "How is Beverly Hills?" She says, "No, honey. I don't live in Beverly Hills." Then she says she will get him a record. She was being so sweet to him. You need to catch it if you can. I would have never expected to see her on there.

From Chad:

MTV aired a show this evening called Punk'd. It's a silly show hosted by Ashton Kutcher. On this show they play pratical jokes on celebrities ala Candid Camera. There was a really cute segment at the VH! Fashion Awards. Punk'd had a young kid pretending to interview stars, but the joke is he gets them mixed up for other people. When he interviews Tori, he asks something about her role on 90120. Tori responded by grinning and saying "aren't you the cutest thing...thats Tori Spelling...I make records" The kid continues to ask about 90120 and Tori tells him "No, I'm Tori Amos...I make records...I'll get you one."

It was very cute and Tori came off as very patient and sweet.

From Andrea in WV:

On the first episode of the new mtv show Tori puts in a brief appearance. The footage was shot at the VHI Big in 2002 awards. The show is a prank show, and they put an 8 year old boy on the red carpet to ask rediculous questions and mix up names on purpose. He stops Tori and asks her what she has been doing since 90210 (Tori Spelling). She very cutely tries to explain to the child that she makes records. It is in the last ten minutes of the show aired tonight.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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