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A full transcript, screen shots and details of Tori's March 10, 2003 appearance on The Isaac Mazrahi Show on Oxygen

Updated Thu, Mar 13, 2003 - 3:30am ET

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imageI Just added a complete transcript of what Tori said and sang on this show thanks to Joey (DevotedSatellite333). You can also find several screen shots and more details about the show. This show was shown for the first time on March 10, 2003, and then repeated many times after that. The name of this episode is "Tickling the Ivories with Tori Amos"

More Details

Tori appeared on The Isaac Mazrahi Show on the Oxygen cable channel in the U.S. for the first time on March 10, 2003. Tori first came out and she and Isaac decorated a pumpkin together while talking about various things. It was a "glamourpuss pumpkin" and Tori even made up a little improv about it that was really cute. Then Isaac presented her with a pumpkin containing a portrait of Tori. Then they went to the piano where Tori sang "a sorta fairytale' to Isaac,who sat next to her. The song sounded really beautiful as Tori sang softly and slowly. Tori looked very comfortable and relaxed!

Look below for Photos/Screen shots from the show, a complete transcript, and commentary from Toriphiles.

Photos/Screen Shots

Many thanks to Amanda Morris for taping this show for me and making it possible for me to take these screen shots! (Three of the photos are from a commerical showing the "custom concert" that Oxygen will show for the first time on March 16, 2003.)
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Complete Transcript

Many thanks to Joey (DevotedSatellite333) for sending this to The Dent: The segment begins with a short introduction by Isaac.

Isaac:Tori Amos is an amazing, amazing singer and songwriter. It blows my mind that we have her coming in here.

Tori walks into the studio.

Isaac: Hi, you look so cute. I love that hat, I mean it's fantastic.

Tori:Today we were working on a song for your pumpkins.

Isaac: Oh you were!???

Tori: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Isaac: 'Cause we're gonna carve pumpkins.

Tori begins to sing "Glamour Puss Pumpkin" a capella: This is our day, Glamour Puss Pumpkin. Here with Isaac. Kick out that Cinderella mess.

Isaac: Wow! That's amazing.

Tori: So, so I thought we could make her.

Isaac: Yeah, we could make Glamour Puss Pumpkin, right? Is that wh...

Tori: And, andwe need your help.

Isaac: Alright, well let's go to it Tori.

Tori: Okay.

Tori and Isaac walk over to a table with pumpkins and carving utensils strewn about.

Isaac: 'Cause ya know you could do other things with other fruits but you wanna do a pumpkin right?But what gave you the idea of wanting tocut fruit?

Tori: I was with my daughter, (Isaac: Yeah.) doing this about a week ago...

Isaac: Your daughter whose name is what?

Tori: Natashya.

Isaac: Na-tash-ya. Oh that's a good name.

Tori: And she's two. (Isaac: Right.)I mean I would stand by and just watchwhile people made shapes and creatures out of these...

Isaac: ...amazing, just amorphous, natural shapes, (Tori: Yeah.) like I know it's...

Tori: And they come alive. I mean the truth is to be able to make things like some of these people did, I could never do it, I could only put it into music.

Isaac: I don't want to say you're a folksinger or something but your music is rather folks-like. Does it have anything to do with the fact that your father was religious and sort of involved as a preacher and there was maybe church music or something that inspired you...or?

Tori turns to the camera and motions as though she's choking herself: Ahhh!

Isaac laughs thenpretends to choke Tori.

Isaac: If anything that silenced you? That stopped you from singing.

Tori: Well it maybe made me run into the songs. If you're in the living room with a bishop and a reverend and other religious people and you're having to play hymns and you can't escape, what do you do?

Isaac shakes his head questionably.

Tori: You start making up songs that they can't get into. So you don't leave the room but your soul does. It's like Alice in Wonderland but sonically.

Isaac: This is amazing, it's like talking to a poet, ya know like so many weird things have come up in the conversation, which I like. Now listen, I wanna do this Glamour Puss Pumpkin.

Tori: 'Kay so, th-the idea was she's sick of taking Cinderella to the ball. She needs a little...

Isaac: ...she needs a little glamour of her own.

Tori: Yeah. She needs somebody to love her.

Isaac: I agree. Just for being her, just for beingthe pumpkin(Tori: That's right.)and not for being the conveyance for Cinderella.

Tori: That's right. But she's a cute pumpkin why can't she get a little something?

Isaac: A little something. Ya know what, I-I'm gonna just make her eyes just...

Tori: Please do. (Isaac: ...she's supposed to be glamorous) You do that, yeah she needs to be glamorous.

Isaac begins drawing on the pumpkin.

Tori squats under the table for something: And while you do that...there because we've got a little pill-box hat for her.

Isaac: Well alright now where'd this hat come from? Is this one of your hats?

Tori whispers: Mm,n'donchowth. (somewhat inaudible, maybe ", don't show that")

Isaac places the hat on the pumpkin: 'Kay here look. She has a hat. We should tilt it like that. How 'bout some earrings? Here, we'll give her an ear...draw a little hoop on it, there we go. She is very glamorous, look at her!

Tori sings: Glamour Puss Pumpkin.

Isaac: Great. Glamour Puss Pumpkin, man. When you make up songs what goes through your mind. Like you have to be a part or can you do it anywhere?

Tori: Y'know sometimes it just happens when you're not trying. It's aobut being in a cafe somewhere and y'know you never eavesdrop, no, no, no, no you never do that.

Isaac: *laughs* Oh no, no.

Tori: But! Something is said and you start thinking about something that somebody else said to you that morning and all of a sudden the song walks in. She has perfume on, she's got a (le baton?) boot, and there she is.

Isaac: Wow, that's a great thing. I like how you think of your songs as women.

Tori: Oh yes, they're all women. They're not all straight,(Isaac: Oh! I like that.)but, but they're all women.

Isaac: Are you all straight?

Tori: In the physical sense, yeah.

Isaac: Okay, well I'm all gay baby.

Tori: Well that's...*laughs*

Isaac laughs.

Isaac: We have this crazy surprise for you which is...come here. 'Causewe ha...

Tori: This way? (Isaac: That way.)Not supposed to look, (Isaac: Right there, right there.)I don't want to run into the dog. (Note: Isaac's dog, Harry, is always wandering around the studio.)

Isaac: Check this out. You can look now. (Tori: Oh my god!)It's a Tori Amos portrait pumpkin. It's a Jack-o-Tori.

Tori: Oh no that's like...

Isaac: Tori-lantern.

Tori: I just canput it on my face when I'm having a bad day.

Isaac: How many people in your neighborhood can say that they have, they have a portrait of themselves done in pumpkin?

Tori: Yeah. (Isaac: Right.)Exactly. Good point.

Commercial Break

Tori: We gonna go together?

Isaac: Yeah, you wanna go and sing?

Tori: Yeah, (Isaac: Yeah.)I'd love to sing.

Tori and Isaac walk over to Tori's mini-Bosendorfer.

Tori: You can sit with me.

Isaac: You mean sit at the piano with you?

Tori: Oh, anything you wanna do...

Isaac: How exciting!

Tori: ...You decide.

Isaac: So what song y'gonna sing for us from your new album?

Tori: This little song called Fairytale.

Isaac: Fairytale, okay.

Tori begins to sing a shortened version (shorter than the Radio Edit.)of A Sorta Fairytale solo:

On my way up North, up on the Ventura

I pulled back the hood and I was talking to you

And I knew then it would be a life-long thing

But I didn't know that we, we could break a silver-lining

And I'm so sad, like a good book I can't put this day back

A sorta fairytale with you

Oh yes, a sorta fairytale with you

And you said that day, up on the 101

The girl had come undone, I tried to downplay it with a bet about us

You said that you'd take it as long as I could, I could not erase it

And I'm so sad, like a good book I can't put this day back

A sorta fairytale with you

Oh yes, a sorta fairytale with you

And I ride along side, and I rode along side you then

And I rode along side till you lost me there in the open-road

Rode along side till the honey spread itself so thin for me to break your bread

For me to take your word, I had to steal it

And I'm so sad, like a good book I can't put this day back

A sorta fairytale with you

Oh yes, a sorta fairytale with you


Isaac: Wow! That was amazing. That was really amazing. Tell me about that song, Fairytale, right?

Tori: Yes.

Isaac: What was the inspiration for that? Me? Wow! I'm just kidding.

Tori: Well in the story, Scarlet's Walk, it's the second song and she thinks she's met her soulmate. And maybe she has but you don't always stay together with a soulmate.

Isaac: Right. That's true.

Tori: You can't always live with them.

Isaac: Oh god, that's right. Had, this, this is like something that happened to you?

Tori: Yeah.

Isaac: Are you in love by the way at the moment?

Tori: I'm in love, (Isaac: You are.)I'm married.

Isaac: Oh.

Tori: I'm having an affair with my husband. Phew! That's good, (Isaac: That's good.)handy.

Isaac: Let me tell you, if I was married to you and you wrote a song like that about somebody else I'd be like, 'Excuse me Missy! Who the hell is this person you're writing so passionately about!?'

Tori laughs.

Isaac: So before you had your baby Natashya (Tori: Yes.)was life very different for you? As an artist for instance?

Tori: Yes. I think I was much sadder at a certain point because I was ready to be a mom (Isaac: Wow.)and I miscarred a few times and I think (Isaac: Is that so?)that, that really can take you to the, (Isaac: Wow.)to thedepths. That kind of loss. And I guess being a mother finally put me in a place where I feel more comfortable being a mom than anything else. (Isaac: Um hm.)That was just the right role for me.

Isaac: Did you have happy parents?

Tori: I had stories. And I think because my mother would read all these kinds of stories where there was shadow, and there was dark and light, and there was loss, and then there was y'know a rejuvenation. There awareness. (Isaac: Right.)And I think those stories kind of made up our relationship.

Isaac: That's a great thing. And I think when you have a relationship with a mother like think, 'I'm gonna be that mother. And be a role-model like that for Natashya.' or something, right?

Tori: Well um, the crazy thing is really all she wants is just to sit down, crawl in and read a story. And can I be present for that? Sometimes you have to say, 'Stop. (Isaac: Right.)For this amount of time this is golden, this is her time.'

Isaac: Do you bring Natashya with you on the tours? (Tori: Yes.)You do! Good for you, I think that's great.

Tori: Yeah. She's decided she wants to get paid. She says, 'I work too Mummy. (Isaac: Oh imagine that.)Money.' I said, 'Wow. You're only two.' She's got that one down.

Isaac laughs

Tori: So she's gonna help the engineers.

Isaac: It's a Virgo. Now guess what? Who wouldn't want to be Tori Amos' daughter, Natashya, right?

Tori: Well who wouldn't want to be Natashya's Mommy?

Isaac: Well there ya go. That's a good answer. Thank you darling, Tori Amos. That was amazing, (Tori: I loved...)amazing. (Tori: I loved today.)I loved today.

Tori and Isaac kiss goodbye.

Isaac: Me too.

End Credits


From Mike (Brambles):

Unfortunately I missed some of the beginning of her appearance (I'm not sure how much) but when I tuned in they were carving pumpkins (no clue why) and Tori sang the words "Glamour puss pumpkin" after they finished one of the jackolanterns. Isaac then presented Tori with a pumpkin with her face carved on it. Tori was wearing a green hat the whole time and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The set is just a white backdrop with Isaac's dog walking around the whole time. After a commercial break she performed A Sorta Fairytale solo at the piano (a Bose) with Isaac sitting next to her at the piano. It was gorgeous..Tori should really do all her TV performances solo, they just showcase her sound so much better in my opinion. Isaac just sat next to her with a huge grin on his face the whole time and she seemed to be very comfortable, singing while staring right at the camera most of the time.

After the song Isaac asked her a few questions about the song and about Tash..She said that the song is about Scarlet finding her soulmate but sometimes soulmates don't stay together. Isaac said he would be worried if someone he was married to wrote such a passionate song about someone else but she said that she is "having an affair with her husband." She also talked about her relationship with her own mother and said she is very comfortable being a mom and was "much sadder" before she had Tash. She also said that Tash says "I work too Mommy" and wants to start getting paid for being on tour.

At the end Isaac said "Who wouldn't want to be Tori Amos's daughter? " and Tori replied "Well who wouldnt want to be Natashya's mom?"

Very nice TV appearance..wish more people got Oxygen and could see it.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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