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Screen shots from and a transcript of Tori's March 6, 2003 appearance on Live With Regis And Kelly

Updated Fri, Mar 07, 2003 - 3:40am ET

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I now have screen shots, a transcript of Tori's interview, some commentary from Toriphiles, and a photo sent to the Dent by Nicole who attended the taping.

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Tori appeared on the syndicated TV show Live With Regis And Kelly on Thursday, March 6, 2003. She performed Taxi Ride live with her band (Matt Chamberlain on drums and Jon Evans on bass.) Tori had her rhodes and wurlitzer with her for this appearance, not her piano. There was a brief but nicer than usual interview (Tori seemed to actually want to contribute to the conversation rather than just answer questions, which was fun!), and then they let Tori play a sorta fairytale at the very end of the program. (Most TV stations showed little of that, which is a shame because she was playing the rhodes electric piano with that song, which is definitely not what she does usually!) Kelly was on maternity leave, and they had Susan Lucci co-hosting with Regis.


Here is a photo sent to me by Nicole, who took this while attending the taping of the show.


Here are some screen shots I took from the show:

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Below I have a full transcript of the interview followed by some commentary from Toriphiles.


Many thanks to Ellen for sending this to the Dent:

(during show intro)

Announcer: ... and a performance from the Incredible recording artist, Tori Amos...

(during beginning chat, while introducing who's on today)

Susan -- And Tori Amos, she's going to be singing "taxi ride" from her (brand new cd??? Hard to tell b/c crowd cheered very loudly)

Regis- tori amos, so hot right now (holds up cd)

Susan- so hot

Regis -- there's her new cd... ("taxi ride" plays) time for wild wild travel trivia...

(While going to commercial break)

(a sorta fairytale plays in the background, and then the video comes up)

Announcer: still ahead, tori amos.

(After Anna Gastyr's bit, going to commercial, same deal)

Announcer: still ahead, a performance by singer, Tori Amos

(coming back from commercial ASF on the monitor)

Regis: Boy, is she popular; three performances coming up at radio city music hall & they're all sold out, already. But anyway, Tori started out playing the piano at the tender age of two, as she told us on one of her last visits and since then, she's become a prolific songwriter, powerful performer, with a new CD which chronicles her love affair with America. Here's Tori Amos with her new hit, "taxi ride".

(tori has her hair straight with one of those long hair accessories things she has been wearing. She has on a ruffly print blouse (that looks pinkish redish) and a mid-length grey skirt with black boots on. For those that are interested. Matt & jon are playing a bit softer than in concert I feel, and are in the background. Tori has one leg up on the bench but most of the camera angles hide it somewhat)

(plays taxi ride, and at the end gives the camera a cute smile)

Regis -- Whooa! Tori, good to see you.

Tori -- Hi (they hug/fake kiss on the cheek)

Susan -- (clapping and walking towards tori) great song/sound? (reaches in for the double cheek kiss) nice to meet you.

Regis -- look, (points to the KEYBOARDS) not one piano. Two pianos.

S -- Two pianos, this is Very Impressive.

R -- very impressive

S- and your stance

R- yeah, I like that!

S- while playing the piano, very individual. (they both chuckle as tori stands with her hands behind her back and grins a little sheepishly)

R- so you know, everytime you're on david letterman (tori smiles big immediately and looks up) he makes a big fuss.

T- you are cute.

R- what you think?

T- I think he's lovely.

R- and you ever hear from him?

T- No, Regis

R- Neither do I.

T- That's not the way. That's not the way, that's not the protocol.

R- Yeah, I understand. But he sure makes a big fuss (touching her dimple with his finger) and that's (?) cute. Now I understand you want to audition for the co-host job here.

(tori gets enthusiastic and more outgoing with hand gestures and posture)

T- well, I'm thinking, you know, you've got this American Idol/Co-host thing...

R- Yes.

T- Why stop there?

R- yeah.

T- let's make it bigger.

R- Okay.

T- Search for an American President. (audience laughs and cheers) and the talent in this room (motioning with both hands towards the audience)

R- It's a good idea. You know, these reality shows are really-

S- that wil be on/hot?? (Regis gives susan a quick annoyed look for interrupting his thought) That will be on, I'm sure!

R- Boy oh boy! Now the all American girl... yeah, why not... the next president?

T- why not? And you could be the host (she puts her hand on his shoulder)

R- okay (laughs)

S- (fake laughs and then changes off this "weird" topic) Listen, you sold out Radio City and they had to put an extra night on and that sold out too.

R -- That's nearly 20,000 seats!

T- Three nights, we're very excited.

S- Good for you. Starting tonight.

T- Tonight etil Saturday.

R- Is this the (I thought he said end, and I think Tori did too, but on reviewing it) Beginning(duh. She was just on before and on tour) of the tour?

T- um... well, we- I think we're going etil August.

R- eTil August?

S- You're going to tour til August?

T- Yeah, we've been out for a while. I got my two-yar old on the road. Sh-

S- boy or girl? (then realizes that tori started to say "she" and laughs at herself)

T- She, yes. She, we do ring-around-the-rosie back stage-

R- And then you go out and work your tail off.

T- and she goes, you go rock, mommy.

(audience "aw"s and R & S giggle)

S- Oh! SO cute! Does she sing too?

T- yes, she- she -- uh -- (she is flustered a bit here, probably not wanting to talk too much about Tash, and then gives and emphatic Yes and laughs with R & S)

R -- Well, alright. It starts tonight at Radio City Music Hall and here's the new cd, and I loved the little piece of tape we saw, the little bobbing heads.

T- yeah.

R- You and Adrian Brody. Boy, what an actor he is.

T- He's fabulous.

R- Wow (that's a lot of fun to watch??)

T- Different kinda Fairytale.

R- Absolutely.

T- Not everyone an be Cinderella.

R- Understand that.

S- Interesting (you can tell she disagrees)

R- Alright, Tori good luck tonight. Thanks guys (he says turning to the boys), very much. (they all start shaking hands & tori waves to the audience) We'll be right back... Tori now how do you play this (they walk towards the keyboards)

(you hear "taxi ride" instrumental in the background as they go to commercial)

(at the end of the show)

R- Here's Tori Amos back with A Sorta Fairytale. Thank You , Tori!!

(tori plays ASF -- crowds cheers loudly -- they cut to the sponsors -- then come back just prior to show ending)


From Nicole:

I just got back from the taping of Regis & Kelly and wanted to give a quick review. She came out midway through the show and performed Taxi Ride with the band. She looked and sounded great. She was wearing a skirt, a flow-y patterned shirt and knee high boots; she also had what looked like a blue hair wrap with gold beads in her hair. At the end of the show she came back out and did A Sorta Fairytale on the Rhodes! I'm so used to hearing it on the piano that it sounded completely different.

On the way out Kristopher & I stopped to talk to Matt & Jon and tried to squeeze some info out of them about any new songs that might be showing up soon but Matt joked that they rehearsed some Black Sabbath, some Grateful Dead and "Smokin' in the Boys Room" by Motley Crue....

Also on our way out we asked Joel if there'd be a Meet & Greet today but the answer was pretty obvious once we got outside and saw all the snow. So I hope there aren't too many people camped out in front of Radio City :o

From Ellen:

i just taped tori on regis. first off, susan lucci was co-hosting. that woman, such a bad actress, you could see through her over-exaggerated laughs in the segment with anna gaystyr prior to tori playing...yuck!

anyway, tori played TAXI RIDE on the keyboards... the sound in the studio seemed way off from what she has been doing at her shows, but it was still nice. when they went to commercial i think she played the keyboards with regis b/c he asked her to show him how to play, and then you heard the keyboards playing on their own "taxi ride"

they also chatted with her about:

Letterman--regis is obsessed with letterman's obsession with tori

tori's tour going until AUGUST & radio city being sold out all 3 nights, last i checked sat. nite wasnt sold out yet, so i wonder if that would discourage people from trying...

she also brought up how tash is doing the ring around the rosie and then says, no go rock...

then she told regis she had an idea for him. they are doing this "search for a co-host" contest, and she says, why stop there, why not have a search for the next american president.

they brought up adrian brody being in her video, and what a great actor he was, and regis made a comment about bobbing head, and she said something about its a sorta fairytale b/c not everyone can be cinderella...

they also had her playing "a sorta fairytale" at the end credits. i dont know why they bother b/c they cut if off to show the sponsers...but its better than nada!!

From Jasmine Fry:

She was the last main thing on the show, Ana Gasteyer before her. They played parts of A Sorta Fairytale and Taxi Ride going into commercials, and showed clips of the video for A Sorta Fairytale. She performed Taxi Ride, but she left out the second verse I think. Maybe I just missed it, but I don't remember hearing, "You think you deserve a trust fund..." Then Regis and Susan Lucci came over and hugged her, she and Susan did little kisses on each cheek, and then Regis asked her about her and David Letterman. Tori called Regis cute, and said that Dave was lovely. Regis asked if they talked at other times, if he ever called her, but Tori laughed and said no. Then she told Regis she had an idea for a game show for him to host, something about finding the American President. She said something like, "We have American Idol, but why don't we take it further and find...a president! And I think you should host it." Everybody laughed, and I love that she got that in there. Then she talked about her and Tash playing Ring the Rosies backstage and then Tash saying, "Go rock, mommy!" before she goes out there. Also, they mentioned the Radio City is sold out for all three nights, and how they had to keep adding dates because she sold out. She was wearing a gauzy pink and brown shirt, with big sleeves, and maybe a denim knee-length skirt, with boots. She was showing her tummy! She was lovely.

From theElph:

I did happen to catch the appearance of Tori on Regis, and it was really good!! It was the first thing I did today and it surely got me off to a good start. She did Taxi Ride, and later did A sorta fairytale as they were ending the show. Tori spoke to Regis and Susan briefly they talked about Natashia and even made a crack about him hosting a reality show to search for an American President! It put such a smile on my face today... just thought that I would pass the word just in case others didn't catch it!!

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