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Tori appeared on 'Today In New York' on NYC TV channel WNBC 4 on Sun, February 20, 2005; Read the transcript

Updated Mon, Feb 21, 2005 - 6:42am ET

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There was a short interview with Tori on the local Today In New York TV show on local New York City channel WNBC 4 on Sunday morning, February 20, 2005. Click to read a transcript of what Tori said.

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Thanks to Ellen for telling me about this show and for sending the transcript you see below:

David: ...intensely loyal fan base. She's back with two new projects, The Beekeeper and the book, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece. She's joining us today and it's great to have you with us this morning.

Tori: Thank you, David.

D: Tori, this is more of a conversation between you and Ann Powers, who is a noted music journalist, as opposed to simply a tell all. Why did you decide on this approach?

T: I really though of this point in my life I have been inspired by other visual artists like Georgia O'Keefe & Cindy Sherman, and I have read about their process, how they take the seed idea and create these wonderful masterpieces, and so I felt like maybe it's time before I forget my process to let people into um how we create and sort of like a backstage pass, the book, and Ann & I thought it would be a good way for people to be a part of it.

D: Was it easier for you doing it that way to deal with some emotional topics you talk about, for example, The Choirgirl Hotel, & the whole impetus behind that? Was it easier to think approaching it this way?

T: Well, I think because I would get the questions via e-mail from Seattle to Cornwall, England, where our studio is-Ann is in Seattle, and then I could think about the questions for days, instead of, you know, journalists-let's face it, sometimes you have to answer very quickly and you say, "Oh no! Why did I say that?!", and I was really able to sit. I would get up every morning at 4:30 and I would write my answers before my little girl got up for school, and then I would begin working on the record.

D: Right. It seems a little more straight-forward than some of your albums are. You've heard the descriptions, "she's deep", "she's kind of cryptic", uh, is that the way you intended it to be? Is that the way you intend your lyrics to be sometimes? You're-

T: Well, mu-

D: You're fans understand you-that's for sure!

T: Well, music and poetry is a different world than the literal world. Your suit is grey. Your tie is yellow. Um. That is a kind of very concrete explanation for something, but I felt like the book needed to be, again, a way to explain ether. It's very hard to explain how music comes in to this piano, this creature, and then this creature then- the piano really plays me. I don't play her.

D: Talk about your relationship with your fans, your live concerts; they are very special, and you cover in the book how you prepare for your concerts. That's probably going to be very enlightening for your fans. Talk a little about that.

T: Um. Each city that we play in is really a different story. I see myself as this old lady by a fire. We were talking about this metaphorical fire and I see going into each tow whether it's Chicago, or Dallas, or New York and tapping into what's going on that week, that day, because, you know, when you read about what's occurring in a town, in a city, then the story-if I'm that old lady by the fire, then my story needs to reflect that. People that are coming to the shows are also bringing their stories and I listen. I'm like a little radar (puts hands up to her ears & gives a goofy grin) taking in the information, and then it comes out in the show that night.

D: Alright, well your fans have certainly gotten to know at least a part of you through your music and now they'll get to know more insight. The book is called Tori Amos: Piece by Piece, and we also have to mention, she's been busy, because The Beekeeper is out as well.

T: Busy Bee!

D: Busy Bee! (chuckles) Tori, thank you for stopping by.

T: Thank you, David.

D: (gives book signing info) and usually her in stores draw a big crowd. (tells about Tori link on NBC4's website)

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