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A transcript of Tori's appearance on the show 'Lydverket' on the Norwegian TV channel NRK on February 16, 2005

Updated Thu, Feb 17, 2005 - 11:35am ET

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Tori was interviewed on the show 'Lydverket' on the Norwegian TV channel NRK on Wednesday, February 16, 2005. (There was no performance.) You can find a short description of the show and a recent photo of Tori at You can also register while at that web site and watch a video of Tori's appearance, but since the site is not in English that can be challenging. However, I have a transcript of Tori's appearance sent to me by haloeighteen.

More Details

You can find another photo from the appearance here. The transcript of Tori's interview is below. It lasted from roughly 5 minutes to 13 minutes into the program.

On her grandmother:

"She and I were enemies, she was one of these women that would say when you grow up you were to going to give your body to your husband and your soul to God and I just sort of went, 'Am I now?' Therefore as a young girl I knew that it was a war of ideologies."

On Peabody:

"The idea was that I was going to become a concert pianist. The truth is, there were so many other people that were responding to classical music, and if you don't have it in your heart and soul then there's no way that you're going to be able to pull it off, and I wanted to chronicle time, I wanted to write music about our time."

On songwriting:

"How do you take people, without leaving their chair, to another world? That is what a songwriter strives to do, so I'll have my story maybe but I'll say well how do I want to describe that feeling? And I might try it and it's always like the 2nd verse that's a problem. I might have rewritten it seven times and then I'll say, well wait a minute, that feeling can be described by what it feels like when your feet crush in the leaves in the autumn and you hear that crunch and you don't have your shoes on, you know, but I need to say this in 3 words, so that is how you push yourself as a songwriter."

"Even if I wanted to not write music, I would hear it. I hear it when I'm supposed to be paying attention, doing all kinds of other things?

Interviewer: Like right now?

:: laughs :: "Maybe. For a moment, something came in through the window, and I looked at the light against the dome and you know you just start to hear a little melody."

"The songs are alive, I've always said that, and the question is, can we as musicians hear them? Certain experiences I've had and the way that I've been indoctrinated into life has me hearing and seeing songs a certain way, different from say Eminem for example, who hears them very differently than I would."

"I also think that really basically, the songs are about relationships. Whether it's a friend or a lover. Storytelling works, partly because the narrator telling the story, it has to work from that viewpoint. So sometimes you know Mark will look at me, my husband, and say, 'I recall this a little differently, wife' and I'll say, yeah but I'm the one telling the story."

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