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Details and photos from Tori's appearance on CTV's "Canada AM" on Wed, February 16 , 2005

Updated Thu, Feb 17, 2005 - 1:53am ET

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Tori appeared on the CTV morning program Canada AM on Wednesday, February 16, 2005. Tori was interviewed and she played Sleeps with Butterflies live solo at the piano. Click for details about what Tori said and some screen shots. At one point the show's interviewer mentioned reading an article that stated that Tori was so happy now and therefore had nothing left to obssess about and that her music suffered as a consequence. I very much liked Tori's response to this!

More Details

Here are some screen shots from the show sent to me by Linda:


A video clip of this performance can be found at

Here are details reports about the show from various Toriphiles who saw it:

From feldelys:
She came on at about 8:49, and played "Sleeps with Butterflies" solo at her piano (we were shown her signature on the metallic frame of the Bsendorfer at one point...) - it was beautiful, much more enchanting then the studio version I have heard. The simplicity of her piano lines made up for the "light-rock" sound of the band...She wore pants with a kind of wide red and gray shirt, and she looked a little tired, although her voice was as rich and magical as ever. After her song the TV host came to sit next to her at the piano bench and said that he had read a terrible thing in an article about her: that she was now so happy that she had nothing left to obssess about and that her music suffered as a consequence - he then asked Tori if she really was blisfully happy? Tori thought for a little, then answered that the music showed you where things were really at, and that you can have a fierceness in calm, and that that was the marriage she was interested in. The TV host then quipped something inaudible about her being interested in marriage too, and then I think Tori answered that her husband wasn't there, that he was flying right now...Besides, Tori added, if at 41 you still are obssessing about things, then you really have missed something, haven't you?

From J.:
Well, Tori was on Canada AM this morning as scheduled. She looked very rested and sounded beautiful. She sang "Sleeps with Butterflies" solo on the piano (my first time ever hearing it!) and it was very pretty. I missed most of the interview portion before the performance but caught the wrap up afterwards whilst sitting at the piano bench with one of the hosts.

He asked her briefly about being "blissfully happy" and reading somewhere that stated she has "nothing left to obsess about" and that "her music was suffering for it" to which she responded...wait! Let me say that I too have heard some bad things about the album and people have generally disqualified it by saying Tori's gone "off".

Anyway, Tori responded like this: (close to verbatim)

"I think the music knows what it is and who it is and um, I think that it speaks for itself. On one level I think being a mom makes you fierce. I think there's a fierceness, but beauty can be a part of your life and fierceness. And so I think that's the marriage I'm interested in. [sic] But I think at the same time there's something to be said for at 41 years old, if all you can do is be obsessive about yourself, then you really have missed it, haven't you? That's quite tragic..."

From K.:
She looked awesome by the way. She talked about Tash saying "mummy" (in her british accent) "mummy, why cant you work at Safeway?" And she said she was away from her for a while but she would be seeing her tonight and she had a big smile when she said this. Then they showed her playing "Crazy" before they went to the break and that's when my tape pooped out. If you know of anyone who has it, I'd love to know. Her performance on Canada AM when she did "Strange" is one of my favourites.

From Amanda:
It was great to see Tori perform again even though it was on television. I have not been over the moon about Sleeps With Butterflies but hearing her perform it has changed my mind completely. She sounded beautiful as usual. The interview was short but she did make a cute comment about how Tash speaks with a British accent and it is always very odd to her this from her daughter. The host said that he had read a comment that her music seemed to be suffering because she is no longer obsessing about life and she of course responded wonderfully by saying that she was 41 and if she was still in that place she would really have missed the boat.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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