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The new book Tori Amos: Piece By Piece was released today! A review from and some scans from the book!

Updated Wed, Feb 09, 2005 - 3:02am ET

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The new book Tori Amos: Piece By Piece by Tori Amos and Ann Powers was officially released today, February 8, 2005, at least in the U.S. Some book stores have it while others claim they will have it soon. If you are having a hard time finding the book, you can order it online now for only $16.29 from (If you use the Dent links you will help support this web site!) You can also purchase the book from The Tori Store.

A nice review of the book was posted to on February 1, 2005. (Thanks Jamy Ryan.) You can also find scans of photos from the book at

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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