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Details and photos from the April 12, 2003 Tori Amos Tribute Show/RAINN Benefit in Chapel Hill, NC

Updated Fri, Apr 18, 2003 - 1:30am ET

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Thanks to all of you who took park in the Tori Amos Tribute Show and RAINN Benefit that took place in Chapel Hill, NC on Saturday, April 12, 2003. The event involved many wonderful singers/performers from all over the U.S. and several Tori-related graphic artists contributed artwork that was auctioned at the event. I have several descriptions of the event and a link to some photos.

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You can still check out this event's official web site at They will have photos from the event available soon. For now you can find some great photos from the Tribute Show at Adam Tow's digital journal. (Thanks Michele.)

Here is a report from Jessica Dennis (sisterjanet2) who attened the Tribute Show:

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the Tori Amos Tibute in Carborro was absolutely amazing! The setlist on varied slightly from what the Tributes homepage stated (Denise Barbarita did not play Playboy Mommy, Shannon Cambell did not play Marianne, Alysson Light added Amber Waves to her setlist and Marty Thomas did not perform Smells Like Teen Spirit, nor did she sing Me and a Gun acapella at the end of the show).

    All of the performers were well worth the four hour drive from Yorktown, Va and I actually find myself hard pressed to name each shining moment lest I write a novel. The real treats of the evening were Vienna Teng, Amber de Laurentis, Shannon Campbell, Lisa Ray and an amazing rendition of Cornflake Girl by Leslie Berry!

    A wonderful night with great art and atmosphere. I took the opportunity to buy the complete set of Little Blue World fanzine, and was very grateful to have the opportunity to give to Rainn.

Here is an email I received from Lisa Ray, who is Executive Director of
    I wanted to thank you for helping us out so much with advertising for the Tori Tribute/RAINN benefit. You really helped us get the word out there. It was an amazing concert full of many inspiring performances (4 hours of Tori's music). Marty Thomas started the show with a tear jerking rendition of Baker Baker, and after many wonderful performances, by many different musicians, we closed the show with a 3 part version of Me and a Gun.

    We met our goal and raised over $1000 just at the door for RAINN. We are about to begin auctions for RAINN for the artwork that was not sold at the concert. Pat Kochie's "Black Winged Roses" shadowbox and Herb Leonhard's one and only "Butterfly" original will become available to the public along with many of Bob Masse's posters, and hardcover Lyric books signed by Herb Leonhard. We will let you know where they are on Ebay as soon as the auction starts on Wednesday. Any help you can lend in advertising this would be wonderful.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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