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Summary of what we know about Tori's 2005 tour plans

Updated Tue, Jun 29, 2004 - 7:06pm ET

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This news item does not contain any new information, but The Dent is still getting a lot of emails from fans wanting to know when Tori will go on tour next, so I thought I would repeat what we know about Tori's tour plans for 2005. So far, everything we know about her 2005 tour plans comes from an interview that Tori did on June 11, 2004. She stated in that interview that she would be touring in 2005, and planned to do the tour in 2 parts. The first part would be in late Winter or early Spring 2005 and would be Tori performing by herself solo, and the second part of the tour would be during summer 2005 with the band if the guys are available. At this time we have no idea where Tori will be touring in 2005. That is all we know, and since there is a long time between then and now, these plans could always change. The Dent will of course let you know additional info as it becomes available in the future.

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