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Tori is one of the artists on the new Dutch album 'Heaven 2'

Updated Tue, Mar 16, 2004 - 5:00pm ET

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Hirja and Inger inform me that Tori's song Winter is one of the tracks on a new compilation CD in The Netherlands called "Heaven 2", which is promoted by Dutch radio station RTL FM. Click the details link to see the track listing for the album and a photo of the cover.

More Details

The album has the track listing and cover you see below:

1. Dido ­ White Flag
2. Gary Jules ­ Mad World
3. Norah Jones ­ Donąt Know Why?
4. Alicia Keys ­ A Womenąs Worth
5. Natalie Imbrulia ­ Torn (accoustic MTV unplugged version)
6. Sarah McLachlan ­ Building A Mistery
7. Hind ­ Fado-Mae
8. Angie Stone ­ Wish I Didnąt Miss You
9. Trijntje Oosterhuis ­ Lately
10. Vanessa Carlton ­ A Thousand Miles
11. Massive Inc ­ Close To You
12. Ilse DeLange ­ I Still Cry
13. Heather Nova ­ You Left Me A Song
14. Cristina Aguiler ­ The Voice Within
15. Mathilde Santing ­ Beautifull People
16. Tori Amos ­ Winter (Album version)
17. Do ­Have I Told You Lately (live) bonustrack

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