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Details about Tori's interview on the Richard Allinson show on BBC Radio 2 on November 27, 2003
November 27, 2003

Updated Sat, Nov 29, 2003 - 4:30pm ET

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Lucy was the first to inform me that Tori was interviewed on Thursday night, November 27, 2003 on the Richard Allinson radio show on BBC Radio 2 in the U.K.. I now have a detailed report of the show from whatifimamermaid.

More Details

Details about Tori's interview on the Richard Allinson show on BBC Radio 2 on November 27, 2003:

From whatifimamermaid:

Silent All These Years was played.

Richard and Tori talk about TOAL, how it wasn't a 'greatest hits' but a 'sonic autobiography' again and perhaps producing it was partially for Tash again. They also discussed the difficulty in finding the masters and multis and how they had to be baked to sort them out from their crumbly state, to which Tori smiled, 'my tales!'. Richard asked Tori if there was anything that she would like to change about her music (and life) if she could return to 13 years ago, to which Tori replied that there were, of course, but that you could never know what a change in time would lead to.

When asked if TOAL should be classified under 'pop' or 'female songwriters' Tori replied simply, 'Tales'.

Played Snow Cherries From France.

Next the title was discussed: Tori explained her librarian fantasy, knowing where all the knowledge is, finding all those books whilst sliding on that chute :) Richard also pulled out some figures from Q magazine in 01 which ranked Tori the 4th greatest female artist and then a later Rolling Stones survey, quoting her as the 5th greatest live act. he joked that they were 'big mistakes' and not good enough to describe her. He admitted that he has seen her three (?) times live and that Tori plays live 'like noone else'.

Tori disclosed how she is missing touring and the 'love affair' she has with it; Chelle has said to her something similar about missing the 'electricity in the air' like a pagan ritual or something. Allinson described the songs as if Tori wrote not songs, but 'performances'.

Next, the subject moved to her youth. Tori apparently gets a real 'giggle' doing covers - due to playing for congressmen and the challenge that they would present (apparently, they'd always ask for 'Cats' and she'd occasionally launch into Zepplin straight after just to test if they were aware). They discussed her being expelled from the Peabody - Tori explained about how she felt that the music there was from the wrong era, hundreds of years ago and unless you had a genuine passion, you couldn't stay with it.

She described how she started off by playing gay clubs with her minister father chaperoning - playing for tips. Her relationship with the gay world was put down to it being them who 'gave me a chance'. She spoke about how glad she is that her father has become more accepting of homosexuality, although she sees where it could have come from, with her minister grandma too. She recalled at five being repelled by the talk of women giving their bodies up for men - her grandmother 'would have burned mary magdalene'

The subject moved on swiftly to Mona Lisa Smile which was 'great fun' and 'a laugh', though she never pretended to be an actress, she said.

Time was short I think, so it all ended with a quick chat about Cornwall. Tori says again that she loves it, but that you 'can never mistake that you're a guest there'.

Played Cornflake Girl (but the UTP version I think?).

Posted by: Mikewhy

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