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Screen shots and details of Tori's appearance Live With Regis and Kelly on November 26, 2003
November 26, 2003

Updated Thu, Nov 27, 2003 - 3:15am ET

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image On Wednesday, November 26, 2003, Tori made a brief appearance on the Live With Regis and Kelly TV show on ABC in the U.S. and sang a shortened version of Silent All These Years. You can now find screen shots of this TV appearance along with additional details.

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From Amy Widerman:

I just watched Tori on Regis and Kelly.  She looks and sounds fantastic.  The song she performed was "Silent All These Years",  of course she couldn't perform the whole song-  what a disappointment.  Regis asked her about her love for wine and what she prefers to drink- red of course.  There was a semi-funny part when Tori talked about having a chef on the road and that she doesn't eat Wendy's.  Kelly said, "You don't know what you're missing."  Tori said they were leaving for LA and wouldn't be in NYC for the parade tomorrow.  It was so short!!  Now they are devoting the rest of the show to cooking stuffing. 

From Coolestchick8000:

Tori was totally nervous up there, I don't know why but she was seeming a little shy. when asked about the wine she said 'when appropriate', she was on her best behaviour for some reason, the only thing she could have done more was maybe wear a bonnet. Also the Wendy's joke did not go over well and Kelly covered for her by saying 'you don't know what you're missing'. I know the dent is a fansite and that it's just small blurb quickly posted by you and you have alot of stuff to do but I dislike when fans gloss stuff just because they're fans and you made it seem as if it was this short and sweet unusual thing when in reality it showcases one of the (rarer from my admittedly limited viewings of tori appearances) that she was a mouse rather than a lion, and the audience did not share her sense of humour, that joke probably would have gone over better in england or something but lots people in the states like Wendy's. I used to work there and can understand the sentiment of disliking the food, but I'm not gonna gross you out right now this is supposed to be an email to complain about something else. Other than that, absolutely smashing site and keep up the good work!

Note from Mikewhy: Thanks for your opinion. I agree this was not one of her best TV appearances, but my intention was not to "gloss" over what happened. Since I am so busy, I simply shared what other fans emailed to me since I did not have time to write a summary myself. Before your email, I had only received one other description. My job is not to pass judgement on how well Tori's TV appearance go. There are plenty of other places where that kind of thing happens. I also feel one can interpret what happened in many ways, and in this case I did not feel like passing judgement. There is enough negativity and judgement elsewhere on the net. When Tori does not feel a close connection with the interviewer, she is always nervous and the interview comes across less than perfect. That has always been the case. It takes a special and non-mainstream interviewer to bring out Tori's best, and that is certainly not Regis and Kelly!

From Seán Curran:

Tori's performance on Regis and Kelly was both Enchanting and awkward. Tori Only performed parts of SATY Leaving out "Years go by and I'll still be waiting" and all that good stuff. I don't exactly know why this was cut because overall the song finished too soon. As for the Interview! haha. Yeah the three of those guys did not mesh well. Tori seemed a bit pissed or slightly off kilter. But I sort of enjoyed it, not every interview can go well and in today's broadcast the chemistry between the hosts and guest was sorta sour.

The interview was short and really weird. Tori did not have much to say, seemed as though there were bad vibes going in the air. Maybe a fight behind stage oh God knows :-p jk. But Yeah I'll admit the Wendy's bit got a laugh out of me only to be followed by confusion of Tori's body language. The only way I can describe it is . . . She seemed unhappy to be there. So While they did not make the most 'happy family' I still enjoyed watching T perform and I look forward to the future TV performances. Perhaps she'll get on with Sharon O a bit better ;).

From Gina:

Well I wasn't going to write in anything about Regis & Kelly, but I do have to say I thought the Wendy's comment not to even be a joke but a fact. Kelly commented on how everyone needs a chef to follow them on the road, but was if she was laughing at Tori for this. Tori says - "If its the middle of night and you're in Ames, IA - what are you going to eat? Wendys? Thats just not what I eat..." I also did not think it was all that awkward. But she did seem a bit camera shy...and maybe not all that eager to hug Kelly! :-)

Her voice sounded tired, but I never watch these things for her performance quality, as she just flew in from England and it is early for her!

From Kristy:

Wow, I was reading the reviews of Tori on Regis and Kelly, and I have to admit that I thought Tori did a really good job. Although Silent All These Years was shortened quite a bit, which was a disappointment. I am assuming they had to do that for time restrictions since that is a live show. But other than that I thought Tori did verywell. I know she gets nervous on tv sometimes but I thought that her musical performance of SATY was fantastic, albeit too short. She did look like she might have been a little uncomfortable in the very short interview, and I could only tell that because like some of you said she wasn't talking that much. But I don't think that meant that she was mad, she probably gets shy when she is uncomfortable. And honestly, Regis and Kelly didn't ask her anything about her new album which indicated to me they didn't know anything about it.

And as for the Wendy's joke, I thought a lot of people in the audience laughed. I thought that was the only kinda charming partabout the interview, was the fact that she did show she had a sense of humor. After she made that joke people started laughing so you couldn't hear butTori said she couldn't eat Wendy's because she had a strict diet. There was too much noise over that part so it was pretty much drowned out of the interview.Either way I thought the interview was ok, and I do agree with you thatinterviews usually gowell if the interviewer makes you feel comfortable.Overall, I thought Tori did a great job and I can't wait to see her on the rest of her interviews.

From Amanda VP:

I saw Tori on Regis and Kelly yesterday and felt that she performed a very unusual but beautifulversion on SATY. I did not feel that she was nervous at all. Although she did not really let go during the song I think she still did an amazing job and received a good response from the crowd, who by the way, are not typical Tori fans. Not to mention the fact that it was very early in the morning for her. The interview was lame on Regis' and Kelly's side. They should have been talking about her album and not about wine. Most of us know what Tori is like in interviews and we never expect typical things to come out of her mouth. But that is why we love her. Tori was amazing as always and judging by the applause at the end, the crowd thought so as well.I hope 'glossing over' things such as this helps those people who are not able to experience first hand. I know I always appreciate it.

From Scarlet North:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am thankful to have found the treasure of Tori Amos. Her writing has greatly influenced my own and her music has provided a soundtrack to my heart. I love her! Anyway, I agree. Tori did seem to be nervous on Regis and Kelly. Kelly was senstive to her shyness but, Regis just seemed to be rushing the whole interview along- if u even count it as an interview. He also didn't get her at all.- His question about the wine was dumb- wine?- and most already know of her love for red wine. And then it seemed like when she answered, they all felt awkward. Since they hardly gave Tori any time he should have been asking more in-depth questions about TOAL. But then again neither Regis or Kelly have ever seemed to me like they are deep people like Tori and the people who love her. They probably didn't even take a damn three minutes to listen to one of her songs on the album before the show. I thought i detected some nervousness in Tori from the second she started singing. I wish she could have sang the whole song, especially since she sang it differently than usual. But overall I thought it was beautiful and so was she. Oh, i think her appearance on Sharon O's show is going to be fun for everyone. Sharon is such a great and hilarious person, I know she'll make Tori feel welcome and at ease- and will give Tori time enough for her song and an interview. I bet they'll get in Sharon's bed together and be laughing and talking about crazy things( if you watch Sharon O, u know what i mean by "the bed" hehehe). I can't wait. P.S. Regis and Kelly suck. Sharon Osbourne is on at the same time on WB. Everyone should watch her instead- it's my favorite talk show.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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