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Screen shots and a transcript from Tori's appearance on Channel 4's breakfast show "RISE" on November 20, 2003 in the U.K.
November 20, 2003

Updated Sat, Nov 22, 2003 - 4:15pm ET

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On November 20, 2003, Tori appeared on Channel 4's breakfast show "RISE" on in the U.K.. The dent now has screen shots and a transcript of the appearance!


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Many thanks to Emma and Andy for providing both the screen shots and the transcript!

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"RISE", Channel 4. Thursday 20th November
Tori was on at 7.40am for 5 minutes.  

Missed the very beginning of this interview finding a tape for the video, but we only really missed the introductions and talking about being betrayed by friends...  

Iain - Now Cornflake Girl was your first top 10 hit in the UK back in 1994, that's incredible, and it's one of the songs on the new album, before we go any further i think we should have a little look at a clip from that.  

(play some of cornflake girl)  

Iain - now as that video was playing i've got to say that Dougie starting singing along in the Tori Amos style, i dont know wheher to embarrassed or proud of you!  

Dougie - i did, all the time forgeting that Tori is right beside me! i do apologise for that Tori!   A touch of the wizard of oz with the flying houses, was that reference deliberate?  

TORI - honestly guys, sometimes the directors have these fantasies, they think that i'm into faeries and this or that or the other thing, and i'm sitting there smoking a cigargoing ok if they have a wizard of oz yknow wish then that's great!  

D- i must ask you you touched on something there about faeries, how they think you're into this or that, do you believe in faeries at all.  

TORI - when i need to. So if im in ireland and i've broken down, and there's about 6 thugs walking down the street - which has happened before, and they say where are you from, and obvioulsy my accent, i'm, i'm American, and they say 'do you believe in faeries then Tori' i say absolutely i do, and they take me  help my car, get me me on my way, yes, it can work in your favour.  

I - the last time i broke down people thought i was filming a hilarious stunt for tv and left me in the middle of the road in the pouring rain and no one helped me push my car out of the way!  

TORI - next time try calling on the faeries!  

I - There are some songs on the album that may not be as familiar to your British fans, Mary is one of them, what's that one about?

TORI - that was written for little earthquakes, when i first wrote little earthquakes it was turned down by those who are they at warner because they wanted to take all the pianos off and put guitars on, because pianos  at that time were not being played really on the radio  

I - how do you feel when someone like that, i guess a business man, says actually tori we dont like that sound change it, is that upsetting or do you appreciate their input.  

TORI - no i say let's negotiate.  

I - very nice, you say it in a sexy way as well which we like, listen this is mary let's have a look at a clip from mary.  

(play clip from the mary video)  

I - listen you're married you've got a baby you live in cornwall beautiful cornwall  

TORI - gorgeous  

I - has your contented condition affected your music, do you think the music you're making now is slightly different than say 10 years ago or something  

TORI - of course i think that when you're in your 20's and you're angry and you sing about it then hopefully by the time youre 40 things have changed, and if they haven't then that's kind of a sad life.  

I - listen so whats next for you, what's the next project you've got going  

TORI - well i'm beginning to compose for the next work, so usually im in a cycle as composer, every other year you tour then you write then put out your next work.  

D - tori its been a pleasure thankyou very much for coming in, best of  luck with the album, thanks very much for holding my hand as well - feels good!  

I - can i hold your hand please tori!  

TORI - together!  

(all hold hands!)

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